Chapter 575: Engagement (4)

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An Xiaxia almost bounced off the sofa at her sinister voice. Grandma Sheng asked in a concerned voice, “Do you not like the date? We can pick another one… October is a little too late in the year, isn’t it… October in the lunar calendar is already November in the Gregorian one…”

There were at least two or three months before that and she couldn’t wait that long!

“What about September?” Grandma Sheng smiled kindly.

An Xiaxia struggled inside for a long time before answering gingerly, “I’m sorry, Grandma Sheng… but I don’t want to get engaged yet…”

The atmosphere in the room changed abruptly at those words.

The look on Sheng Yize’s face turned cold and he shifted his gaze to her. An Xiaxia lowered her head nervously.

Both Grandpa Sheng and Grandma Sheng looked disappointed.

They really liked An Xiaxia and they had genuinely wished for An Xiaxia to get engaged with Sheng Yize.

“Well… it’s ok. You two are still young… I won’t make you do something you don’t want!” Grandma Sheng forced a smile, giving An Xiaxia a way out.

An Xiaxia almost burst into tears. She could tell how disappointed Grandma Sheng was, but… she couldn’t be so selfish.

She couldn’t ruin Papa An’s life in exchange for her own happiness.

Li Fanxing smiled in satisfaction and whispered, “Wise choice, An Xiaxia.”

“You better keep your promise!” An Xiaxia glared at her.

“I’ll think about it.” Li Fanxing gloated, which made An Xiaxia grit her teeth. “You…”

Their stalemate was interrupted by another voice.

“Grandpa, Grandma! I’m here!” Qi Yanxi trotted into the room. After greeting the elderly couple, he promptly sat down beside An Xiaxia, squeezing Li Fanxing into the corner.

Li Fanxing rolled her eyes furiously, but couldn’t do anything about it.

Qi Yanxi even followed up with a ruthless comment. “Li Fanxing, you have the hips of an elephant! It’s so crowded here! Go sit somewhere else!”

As angry as Li Fanxing was, she dared not say another word. She went to sit somewhere else, still gritting her teeth.

Grandma Sheng acted as if she had heard nothing. She wasn’t just some benign old lady, and was sure that Qi Yanxi had to have a very good reason to treat Li Fanxing that way!

“Xiaxia, there’s a paintball base nearby and I’m taking you there! Mu Li is coming, too! Let’s go!” Qi Yanxi said enthusiastically. He had been told that Li Fanxing had come, which made him worried about An Xiaxia, so he had come right away to keep her safe!

Sheng Yize glared at him, which Qi Yanxi ignored. After the episode with Li Fanxing, An Xiaxia found it impossible to stay any longer. She nodded gingerly.

“Haha! Stop gawking at me! Your little wife wants to go herself!” Qi Yanxi took An Xiaxia’s arm and led her outside. Sheng Yize rose to his feet with a dark face.

Grandma Sheng pulled him to the side and whispered, “Have some sense of crisis, will you? Did you see how Qi Yanxi looked at Xiaxia? He was a wolf eyeing a piece of meat! His eyes were practically green! Watch out for your little wife! If she’s taken away, you’re not coming through these doors again!”

“…” Sheng Yize wiped away his cold sweat and caught up with Qi Yanxi and An Xiaxia. Her eyes darting around, Li Fanxing also shamelessly followed suit.

The four of them and Mu Li arrived at the paintball base together.

After they changed into the camouflage uniform, Sheng Yize taught An Xiaxia how to use the gun. Then the whistle blew and they entered the mock battlefield.

An Xiaxia was as ambitionless as ever — she immediately found herself a corner and hid there. Sheng Yize didn’t know what to say.

“… Fine, you’re better off hiding there. You out there will be like giving the other team free points.” After making that scornful remark of his little girlfriend, Sheng Yize charged forward with his own gun.

An Xiaxia crouched there quietly. However, it didn’t take long for someone to spot her.

And it was someone she knew.

They raised their guns simultaneously.