Chapter 579: You’re Not My Friend (1)

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An Xiaxia was going to press her when Sheng Yize went up to them and cast Li Fanxing a stern glance. “Li Fanxing, shouldn’t you be hitting on Young Master Yin now? What’re you doing following us around? The mental hospital is just around the corner. Feel free to check yourself in!”

Li Fanxing’s arrogance dissipated right away when Sheng Yize was around.

She struggled to keep the smile on her face. “Heh, I was just chatting with An Xiaxia…”

“Are you trying to infect my girlfriend with whatever you’ve caught? Is that your plan?” Sheng Yize eyed Li Fanxing as if she was some sort of virus. Li Fanxing bit her lip, feeling defeated.

She forced a smile, then got into her car and drove away.

Sheng Yize sat An Xiaxia down inside his car, frowning. “Stay away from that woman.”

An Xiaxia smiled at him. She then lowered her head and asked tentatively, “Is Yu City’s mental hospital just around the corner?”

“Hm? Where did that question come from?” Sheng Yize started the car and asked casually.

”I’m just asking.” An Xiaxia tried to hide her fluster, but Sheng Yize could see through her excuse. He narrowed his eyes immediately.

The Porsche drove out of the base, took a right turn onto the main road, then went on its way back to the Sheng family.

An Xiaxia rolled down the window when she saw the plate hanging outside Yu City Mental Hospital.

Her mother had lived here for as long as seventeen years…

Through the iron fence, she could see the lawn inside, where a lot of people were basking in the sun.

The patients were in various mental states and most of the medical caretakers looked cold and distant. When a patient had one of their episodes, the staff would take care of them with an injection. Some would even resort to violence…

An Xiaxia’s face gradually grew pale and she hastily rolled up the window.

It was as if someone had stabbed her in the heart and she could feel the blood oozing out.

She couldn’t help but feel sad at the thought of her mother’s life here.

Sheng Yize didn’t miss anything. He frowned a little.

After having dinner at the Sheng family home, Sheng Yize drove her back to her own place.

Papa An was home alone. He was reading in the living room and smiled at her when she walked in. “Do you want to eat anything?”

“I’ve had dinner already. Where’s Brother?”

“He’s not back yet.”

An Xiaxia nodded and went downstairs to make some coffee.

Whenever she had something on her mind, she would brew some coffee.

Although the cafe was closed for business these days, the coffee machine was still there. An Xiaxia took out a new bag of coffee beans, ground them, and made an espresso. She then foamed the milk and topped the espresso off with a latte art…

An Yibei got back when she finished making the coffee. He took her cup without hesitation and sipped her coffee. His remark was as harsh as always. “You haven’t improved at all.”

“Then don’t drink it…” An Xiaxia mumbled.

An Yibei adjusted his glasses and the lenses glinted coldly under the light. “Do you want your homework or not?”

An Xiaxia changed her tone right away. “Brother! Oppa! Onii-chan! I love you! Mwa!”

“Sycophant.” An Yibei snickered, then took two books of summer vacation homework out of his bag and tossed them over. An Xiaxia flipped through them and saw that they were all finished!

Instantly, An Yibei grew five centimeters taller in her eyes with a halo above his head!

“Brother, you’re the best…”

“Go away! Enough with the cliche!” An Yibei took a step back, as if he couldn’t take An Xiaxia’s compliment. He then realized that An Xiaxia looked tired. “What’s wrong? Fought with Sheng Yize again?”

“No…” An Xiaxia wanted to say something, but hesitated. She finally summoned up her courage and asked, “Brother… who is my biological father?”