Chapter 58: Xiaxia’s Spring Has Come (4)

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The girls in the canteen acted as though they had gone mad. They all stopped eating and their eyes were glued to the trio.

The braver ones even shouted with self-confidence, “My idols, what do you want to eat? We’ll buy it for you!”

Sheng Yize politely acknowledged the girls with a slight nod. As he swept his eyes over them, he pinpointed where An Xiaxia was sitting and then directly made his way toward her.

Chi Yuanfeng and He Jiayu greeted the fans behind him and coaxed for a long time before they were able to get free.

An Xiaxia weakly notified the one standing in front of her table, “This table is taken.”

Sheng Yize nonchalantly replied, “Is there a name written on this table? Are you implying I can’t sit here?”

An Xiaxia wore a bitter expression. “No… um, Xiao Yan, let’s sit somewhere else.”

Xiao Yan was carrying a tray full of food over and happily replied, “Okay.”

An Xiaxia got up and was planning to leave when Sheng Yize suddenly said, “An Xiaxia, did I say you could leave?”

“What is it?” An Xiaxia asked, her heart filled with suspicion. What was this devil going crazy again over?

Sheng Yize replied arrogantly, “I want to eat lunch.”

“Then eat.” An Xiaxia was unamused. “I’m not edible so why call me?”

Sheng Yize stared at her small delicate face as he gnashed his teeth.

He really wanted to eat this idiot!

One bite at a time until he swallowed her whole!

So he wouldn’t have to be so annoyed!

“I want to eat lunch,” Sheng Yize repeated, his gaze glued to An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded and pointed at herself. “Are you telling me to go buy lunch for you?”

Sheng Yize casually went ‘hm’ as he crossed his legs and coolly sat down.

An Xiaxia: He’s great at ordering people around!

Thanks to that contract, her only option was to smile apologetically at Xiao Yan. “How about I leave you to your lunch now? We’ll find some other time.”

As tall a teenager as Xiao Yan was, he was shyer than An Xiaxia. Flushing, he replied with a little nod.

An Xiaxia asked Sheng Yize and his two pals about their preferences before trotting away to get their food.

Su Xiaomo went along with her, worried that there would be too much for An Xiaxia to carry on her own.

He Jiayu frowned. “Yize, don’t you think that was a little out of line?”

Sheng Yize kept a straight face and wouldn’t give an answer.

“Hi, are you Xiaxia’s deskmate?” asked a gentle voice. Sheng Yize raised his head and looked into the smiling eyes of that young man named Xiao Yan.

He raised an eyebrow. “Yes. So?”

“I wonder if you could… pass this on to her for me, please? Xiao Yan handed him a blue envelope. “Thanks, buddy. I’ll buy you lunch another day.”

Grinding his teeth, Sheng Yize replied with a poker face, “You’re welcome!”

Xiao Yan left looking like it was Christmas morning, which almost caused Sheng Yize’s face to turn livid.

When An Xiaxia returned with their food and before she had the chance to wipe the sweat off her forehead, he smacked the envelope on the table under her nose. “There, it’s from that ugly, short pauper. An Xiaxia, I’d open my eyes wider if I were you. With a boyfriend like that, you might as well drown yourself. You’re not exactly pretty, but you do deserve better! Don’t waste your time on people like him!”

His manner reminded An Xiaxia of a retired cadre and she felt steam about to shoot out of her ears at those words.

Excuse me? What the hell do you mean by “drown myself” or “not exactly pretty”?

“Sheng Yize! How can you say that!” Fuming, An Xiaxia pushed He Jiayu’s and Chi Yuanfeng’s food at them, then promptly turned to leave with the remaining portion.

“Hey, where’s my lunch?”

“You’ll live!” An Xiaxia stormed off.