Chapter 580: You’re Not My Friend (2)

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The aroma of coffee lingered in the air, slowly going up their nostrils.

An Yibei went quiet for a moment, then said, “I don’t know.”

An Xiaxia said in a flurry, “Brother, don’t worry. I promise I won’t go visit him or anything even if I know who he is…”

She would wait until she was strong enough. Only then would she question him herself and get her revenge!

An Yibei shook his head. “I’m not worried about that… I really don’t know who he is. Your mother’s record was tampered with and only her name was real. I found nothing about her past in her personal information from the hospital.”

God knew how excited he had been when he had discovered the information on An Xiaxia’s biological mother.

Although An Xiaxia had been nothing but a good girl in the An family, never asking any questions about her own mother or Mama An, An Yibei had seen how sadly she cried when other students laughed at her for not having a mother.

He had never expected to find her biological mother living in such a miserable state…

He had heard her story from a nurse who had taken care of her in the beginning. Zhong Yue had been lucid during her first few years in the hospital and she had told the nurse about her life between broken sobs.

However, the nurse had no idea who the “husband” and “the other woman” she was talking about were. After so many years, she had long forgotten their names.

Moreover, when An Yibei found out about Zhong Yue, she had already commited suicide.

That was why An Yibei had kept it from An Xiaxia this whole time. He was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to take it and didn’t want to upset her.

An Xiaxia was disappointed at An Yibei’s resolute tone.


The summer vacation soon came to an end. As soon as Year 2 started, everyone would be reshuffled into new classes.

The An family had had a family meeting about whether An Xiaxia should go into the liberal arts stream or the science stream.

An Yibei studied An Xiaxia’s transcript. The longer he looked at it, the deeper his frown became. He turned to Sheng Yize, who was sitting next to him. “Which one do you think she should choose?”

Sheng Yize sighed. “I was going to ask you the same question.”

“Hey! What’s with those hopeless looks on your faces?!” An Xiaxia was frustrated.

“Fine, tell me then, how did you manage to get these grades? There’s not a single thing that you’re good at!” An Yibei said in exasperation. “How can you be equally bad at all of them?!”

None of An Xiaxia’s grades were remarkably good or particularly bad.

“I thought I did fine… At least I’m in the top 500!” An Xiaxia said, sounding very optimistic. An Yibei offered his sarcastic remark. “I have no idea how you feel. I only got top grades when I was at school.”

Lousy Student Xia found those words utterly insulting. Rushing to his girlfriend’s aid, Sheng Yize cleared his throat. “I think Xiaxia is doing pretty well. With enough effort, she’ll get better grades.”

“So which stream should I choose?” An Xiaxia asked expectantly.

An Yibei picked up a pen and some paper, scribbled down a few words, crumpled the paper into two balls, and handed them to her. “Let’s draw lots.”

The corner of An Xiaxia’s mouth twitched. “Brother… at least try to look like you care about my future, will you?”

“With your lousy grades, it’s up to fate now.”


Sheng Yize rubbed her hair. “Don’t worry. I’ll go wherever you go.”

An Xiaxia was greatly touched. Aww! Sheng Yize, you’re the best!

“I’ll outshine you in any subject, anyway.” Sheng Yize smiled at her, which was as good as a critical hit!

Abandoning all hope, she picked a paper ball at random and unfolded it. It read: science.

Hence, An Xiaxia entered the science stream, and so did Su Xiaomo and He Jiayu. As for Mu Li, Su Xiaomo urged her for ages and tried to get her to join the science stream as well, saying that as good friends, they should stick together.

Before the final decision was made, Mu Li retorted with a smile, “Friend? Heh, that’s not what I would call her…”