Chapter 581: You’re Not My Friend (3)

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Her voice dripped with acid, and afterwards, Mu Li resolutely chose the liberal arts stream, acting as if she was never going to talk to them again.

With her irascible temper, Su Xiaomo wanted to reason it out with Mu Li. “What did she mean by that? Is she denying our friendship now? Damn it!”

An Xiaxia smiled wryly. “I have a feeling that… she was talking about me.”

“You? What did you ever do to her other than being sweet and dumb?” Su Xiaomo was confused.

In her eyes, Mu Li had become this new person all because of An Xiaxia!

She and An Xiaxia had been very nice to Mu Li and had genuinely thought of her as a good friend.

What Mu Li had just done was like stabbing them after receiving their kindness. It was so frustrating!

An Xiaxia watched as Mu Li walked away. She sighed and said, “I think I probably know why.”

Mu Li sat in the liberal arts class with an impassive face and was stoic as the other students darted glances in her direction.

“Why, isn’t she the maid at Young Master Qi’s home? Her father was a murderer and her mother a mistress. Tsk, tsk, tsk, talking about shameless…”

“That’s her, alright. I don’t know what got into her. In her old class, at least she had someone to protect her. I heard she fell out with her friends and was forced to come here!”

” Retch ! She actually had friends? Tch~”


Mu Li listened in silence and gripped her pen tight.

With a crack, the pen snapped in her hand and the hubbub of voices grew quieter right away.

The majority of students in the liberal arts class were girls, who were more likely to gossip. Mu Li felt the full impact of being in the line of fire.

Picking up another pen, she opened an exercise book, but she simply couldn’t get the image from the other day out of her head —

That day at the paintball base, she had run into Qi Yanxi and Li Fanxing.

Li Fanxing’s camouflage uniform was splattered with white dots, indicating that she had been hit. However, Qi Yanxi wouldn’t let her off the hook that easily. After pushing her around for a while, he warned her, “Touch An Xiaxia again and you’ll have to answer to me!”

He snorted, then spotted Mu Li. He instructed her, “Xiaxia is hiding over there. If you don’t know how to play this game, go chat with her. She’s probably bored on her own.”

Every single sentence was revolved around An Xiaxia.

Mu Li gripped her gun tighter.

“Qi Yanxi, didn’t you know? Grandma Sheng was going to have An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize get engaged today!” Li Fanxing said viciously. The look on Qi Yanxi’s face changed right away and he cursed under his breath. “Shit! Where is Sheng Yize? I’m gonna kick his ass!”

He stormed off after that. Mu Li lowered her head and was going to find An Xiaxia.

Li Fanxing’s casual voice drifted into her ears. “You like Qi Yanxi, don’t you?”

Mu Li shuddered. God, her secret… How had Li Fanxing seen through her?

“Heh… I bet you don’t know who Qi Yanxi likes. It’s so obvious, actually. It’s always been An Xiaxia, or why would he be so nice to her?”

Mu Li looked away. “They’re friends. Qi Yanxi regards her as a sister now.”

Li Fanxing gave her an exaggerated look. “You bought that? I’m sorry, but you know nothing about An Xiaxia’s tricks. She’s only using this brother-sister thing as a cover, so that she can have Sheng Yize as her boyfriend, while keeping Qi Yanxi around… Tsk, tsk, Qi Yanxi has confessed his love for her more than once. You didn’t know, did you?”

Mu Li’s face went ghastly pale.

She indeed hadn’t known.

“Would she keep it from you if she really thought of you as a friend? If you ask me, she knew you like him… and she lured him away on purpose… Mu Li, how can you stand it?”