Chapter 582: You’re Not My Friend (4)

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Li Fanxing’s words were as alluring as a midnight poppy, sucking Mu Li in…

“I don’t believe you!” She shook her head repeatedly.

Li Fanxing chuckled. “Go ask her yourself, then. She’ll tell you everything if she really thinks you’re her friend. If she holds things back… heh… do I need to say more?”

After finishing a page of exercise problems, Mu Li recalled the probing questions she had asked An Xiaxia that day. She then slashed the paper hard with the tip of her pen.

An Xiaxia, do you really think of me as a friend?

I’m sorry, but you’re not my friend anymore.

An Xiaxia dozed off during physics class.

The physics teacher was the dean of the school, whose teaching was as bewildering as his reprimands. He couldn’t lecture for ten minutes without making a sarcastic remark. An Xiaxia finally couldn’t hold on. She leaned forward over her desk and fell asleep.

Her life had been remarkably stressful lately, with what was going on with Papa An, finding out about her biological mother, and searching for the identity of her biological father…

Fortunately, according to An Yibei, Li Fanxing had dropped the case. He had been busy gathering evidence, so that Li Fanxing wouldn’t get another chance.

The dean immediately spotted An Xiaxia after she fell asleep. He went on lecturing with a dark face for a while before snapping a chalk in half and throwing one part at An Xiaxia.

Thud —

Sheng Yize stopped the chalk with a book and it fell to the floor.

The handsome boy turned a page and went on making notes.

The dean was infuriated and banged on his desk. “Sheng Yize, wake your deskmate up!”

“Oh…” Sheng Yize replied, then patted An Xiaxia on her back. “Wake up.”

“Hm… go away!” In her sleep, An Xiaxia thought she was at home and waved her hand, which hit Sheng Yize right on his chin.

Everyone in class watched this with bulging eyes. Gosh, that was very bold of An Xiaxia!

However, Sheng Yize looked innocently at the teacher. “She’s really sleepy and I don’t think it’s a good idea to wake her up.”

The dean shook with anger. “You’re her boyfriend, you can’t keep it from me! You two are abominable! Just because you have good grades doesn’t mean you can be this defiant! I can get all your parents here if I wanted to!”

Sheng Yize blinked. “For one, do we need your permission to be together?”

The class erupted, shocked by Sheng Yize’s authoritative and challenging words. Some even took out their phones and began to take photos and record the confrontation.

“For another, in the problem you solved just then, the formula in the third line is wrong, and the logic in the sixth line is problematic.”

The dean was bemused. He then flipped through his teaching materials. There was indeed a mistake!

Gosh! It was a rarely used short formula that wasn’t included in the textbook. How did Sheng Yize know it?

“Last but not least, both our families are very supportive of us. Sir, are you trying to invite them here so that they can send out wedding invitations?”

“Wow —” The rest of the class wanted to throw themselves at his feet in admiration.

The dean almost looked tearful as he pointed a finger at Sheng Yize. “It – It’s outrageous! You’re just a student…”

Ding dong —

“There’s the bell. Sir, you can go now!” Sheng Yize waved at him in a detached manner, as if he was getting rid of a fly.

The dean left with a livid face. Sheng Yize put a jacket over An Xiaxia’s shoulders, then went back to underlining the keywords and taking class notes for her.

When An Xiaxia finally woke up, it was halfway through the second period. Bai Ziyue was looking at her in a resigned manner.

Lowering her head in grievance, she complained, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Sheng Yize raised his chin. “I’m a victim of domestic violence. How am I supposed to wake you up?”