Chapter 583: Farewell

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She could distinctively make out a red mark on his chin.

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. She asked gingerly, “Did I do that?”

Sheng Yize snorted like a tsundere, still languidly making notes.

What a little dummy! Apart from her, who else would be able to get close enough to hit him?

” Ahem ! Pay attention, please! Coming up is an important concept!” Bai Ziyue rapped the blackboard, finding the young couple down there a pain in the neck.

They had just played at being lovey-dovey in front of her, their teacher… sigh .

An Xiaxia sat up in a hurry to make notes, only to find that her book was covered in them.

The smart and vigorous strokes could belong to no one else but Sheng Yize.

“Thank you…” she whispered.

Sheng Yize darted her a glance and smiled a little. “Wipe the saliva off your face first.”

An Xiaxia: …!!!

When school was finally over, Sheng Yize threw An Xiaxia’s school bag over his shoulder while An Xiaxia unwrapped a lollipop. But before it reached her mouth, Su Xiaomo snatched it out of her hand.

“Ahahaha! It’s mine!” she guffawed and quickly ran out of sight.

An Xiaxia cried inwardly. She was in Year 2 now, but why couldn’t she escape the fate of being robbed of her food?

“You silly thing. Get another one,” said Sheng Yize casually. An Xiaxia looked aggrieved. “That was my last one.”

Seeing her adorkable face, Sheng Yize felt his mood lighten for no reason. He rubbed her little head. “Cheer up. I’ll buy you more.”

Before he could say anything else, someone stretched out a hand full of lollipops, which befuddled An Xiaxia. The guy scratched his head shyly, stuffing all the candy into An Xiaxia’s hands.

“Hoho, all yours.” Kang Jian beamed at her, ignoring Sheng Yize’s murderous stare. “I have more if that’s not enough.”

An Xiaxia had had a sweet tooth since she was little. As her childhood friend, Kang Jian had long formed the habit of buying An Xiaxia candy with his own pocket money.

“Worthless Kang, why are you so nice to me all of a sudden?” An Xiaxia stuffed a candy in her mouth, her words muffled by it.

Kang Jian’s eyes dimmed a little. Since she and Sheng Yize officially got together, he had stopped hanging out with An Xiaxia to avoid arousing unnecessary suspicions.

Later, Su Xiaomo found her man, and Kang Jian was the only one left of the trio. The walk back home was so boring that he felt like screaming.

But now, he had a perfect excuse to come to An Xiaxia again.

“I won’t have any other chance to be nice to you if I don’t do it now.” Kang Jian grinned heartily. “I’ve joined the army! Actually, I’m leaving soon…”

What? An Xiaxia was shocked!

“Are you nuts? You haven’t even finished high school yet! At least get a high school diploma first. It’ll make your life easier in the army…” An Xiaxia was upset. “What’s wrong with being a student? Why do you have to go…”

Kang Jian grinned. He wanted to rub her hair like he used to, but realized that she had a boyfriend now. He put down his hand as soon as he raised it.

“Well, with my grades, college is out of the question. Going to the army is just another way out.”

An Xiaxia snapped at his casual tone, “You can still train to become an athlete! You…”

She couldn’t go on.

The training was very physical and she knew all about the injuries Kang Jian had suffered all these years.

Unless he could get into the national team and become a professional player, there was little to no future in that line of work…

How much more would he have to endure if he wanted to get into the national team?

No matter how reluctant she was, she couldn’t deny the fact that Kang Jian’s choice suited him the best.

“So — farewell,” Kang Jian said with a smile.