Chapter 585: I’ll Support You

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Soothing music played in the room. After mopping the floor clean, He Jiayu began to wipe the table with a rag.

Why did it feel… kind of weird…

He darted a look at Su Xiaomo, who was sitting on a beanbag with a tablet, devoted to drawing her comic. Her long eyelashes batted, tickling at his heart.

He heaved a sigh and went on straightening her room.

Two hours later, the room that had been in shambles looked reborn. The floor, the windows, and the table were so shiny that they reflected the light. Everything was either in containers or arranged in order by color and height. Su Xiaomo let out a “wow,” completely dazed.

“Cutie, you’re like a fairy godmother…”

The corner of He Jiayu’s mouth twitched at that analogy.

Su Xiaomo hopped up to get herself a glass of water. After putting down the glass in some random corner, she pulled out a tissue to wipe her nose, making a mess of the tissue box.

She went on humming and drawing after trashing the room, while He Jiayu put everything back in place with an impassive face.

Come to think of it, he was such a natural at playing the understanding wife and loving mother… He Jiayu heaved a heavy sigh.

“Cutie, are you bored? Shall I get you a tablet to watch some videos?” Su Xiaomo suggested.

He Jiayu sat down next to her, and while the feathery beanbag sank beneath him, it was surprisingly comfortable…

With his long legs, he had to move around to finally find a comfortable position. He then took the tablet and Su Xiaomo asked with an animated expression, “What do you want to watch? Japanese dramas? Korean dramas? Ridiculous ones? Or some shameful romantic film?”

He Jiayu’s face darkened. He narrowed his eyes and stared at her with an indecipherable look in his eyes.

“How come a girl has… that, in her tablet?” Adult films? Really?

Su Xiaomo looked as innocent as a blank sheet. “They really are romantic movies.”

She tapped the list open and in it were indeed some romantic films with cliche titles.

He Jiayu was embarrassed.

Su Xiaomo glanced sidelong at him. “Tsk, tsk, I know what you’re thinking. He Jiayu, I never thought you’d be like that!”

He Jiayu blushed a little. After all, he was a guy. Even if he didn’t watch them himself, someone around him would, and it was inevitable that he would steal a glance or two.

Seeing his reaction, Su Xiaomo couldn’t help but want to tease him. She moved closer and asked, “What type of girl do you like? Huh?”

Their faces were so close that they could see their own faces in each other’s eyes. The mood turned flirtatious. The light in He Jiayu’s eyes dimmed a little and he pressed a hand to the back of Su Xiaomo’s head, covering her mouth with his.

His voice was a little husky when he murmured, rubbing against her lips, “You’re my type.”

Instead of teasing him, Su Xiaomo ended up getting a kiss. She lost her composure and pulled back, dodging his nice lips. ” Ahem , sing with me: she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts, she’s cheer captain, and I’m on the bleachers…”

He Jiayu smiled. “You belong with me.”


After that little episode, she went back to her drawing. He Jiayu frowned. “When do you finish every day?”

Su Xiaomo replied without looking up, “Eleven or twelve if I feel inspired. If not, then I’ll have to pull an all-nighter. I have a deadline on Monday~”

Each episode consisted of dozens of drawings and she had to come up with the plot as well as the illustrations. It was a tough part-time job for a student.

“That’s a lot of work.”

“It sure is. What can I do? There’s no one to support me apart from myself~” Su Xiaomo grinned cheekily. He Jiayu then took the tablet from her hands and said earnestly, “No, there is. I’ll support you.”

Lub-dub-lub-dub —

Su Xiaomo felt her heart skip more than once.