Chapter 588: A Tiger in a Pig’s Costume (2)

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“No! Of course not!” She held a cushion tightly over her chest.

He Jiayu smiled lightheartedly. “A gentleman never goes back on his word.”

“I’m no gentleman! I’m a kind and lovely girl!” Su Xiaomo didn’t mind if she broke all the promises she had ever made. “He Jiayu, I’m not interested in having carnal knowledge of you. You’re dismissed!”

He Jiayu said slowly, “But I’m… quite interested in yours.”

With those words, he darted a casual look at Su Xiaomo’s chest.

Hm… not exactly busty, but good enough for him.

Su Xiaomo was completely dumbfounded. Was she falling victim to her own flirtatious attempt?

She swallowed and said in a stern voice, “You don’t mean that, do you?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” He Jiayu said teasingly, and even winked at her.

Su Xiaomo took a deep breath. “If that’s the case… Don’t blame me for this!”

She grabbed her phone and put in “110.” “Come any closer and I’ll dial it! The police will be after you in no time!”

He Jiayu was speechless.

He hadn’t actually done anything, alright?

However, was the girl so sure that he could do nothing to her?

He smiled and took action. Before Su Xiaomo realized what he was doing, he had snatched the phone out of her hand.

“Shall I dial it for you?” He looked as genteel as always.

Su Xiaomo was baffled. He was actually that agile? She had thought herself the tiger and him the prey. As it turned out, he was the tiger in a pig’s costume…

Talking about digging one’s own grave…

Damn it! She had practically tricked herself into this! It was like inviting a wolf into a sheep’s pen!

He Jiayu’s mood was greatly lifted at her frustrated expression. He gave her cheek a pinch and said in a frivolous tone, “We still have… quite a few hours left of tonight. I can remember all the positions you taught me.”

Su Xiaomo’s cheeks slowly turned pink.

That time when their class had gone camping on Wanjing Mountain, the two of them had shared a tent and read a very explicit comic together…

She hadn’t expected him to remember it.

“H- how can you do this to me?! I’m still a minor!” Su Xiaomo struggled to keep her expression ferocious. But He Jiayu grinned and said, “That’s ok. I don’t mind.”

But I do! Su Xiaomo felt like banging her head against the wall!

She sulked in silence with an expression that looked so pitiful.

He Jiayu liked Su Xiaomo even more like this.

Behind that valiant mask, she really was just a normal girl that could get scared.

“Poor thing… Feel free to scream your throat raw. No one will come to your rescue~” After those teasing words, He Jiayu switched off the last light in the room.

“Aaah!” Su Xiaomo couldn’t hold back her scream.

Shit. Was tonight going to be the night?

However, she waited and waited, but He Jiayu didn’t make any move. When she finally stopped screaming, she looked at He Jiayu in a daze.

Moonlight poured in through the window, lighting up the area where he was standing.

He bent down and kissed her on the forehead, as gentle as a prince from a fairytale. “Good night. Sweet dreams.”

So, he was only kidding…

Somehow, Su Xiaomo felt sorry about how things had turned out…

He left after that kiss, but after tossing around in bed, Su Xiaomo still couldn’t sleep.

His tenderness, his consideration, and his subtle kindness…

For the first time in her life, Su Xiaomo knew how it felt to be loved and cared for.

She had butterflies in her stomach whenever she thought about him.

Was this… love?