Chapter 589: Love Is in the Air

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The following day, the sun shone brightly in the cloudless sky.

When An Xiaxia arrived at school, Kang Jian was no longer there.

She called him on his cell phone and Kang Jian’s mum picked up in the end, talking in her usual loud and hearty voice. “He’s going to the army today! He’s already boarded the train! His dad and I both think it’s a good thing. You and Xiao Su don’t need to worry about him. Study hard~”

“Why did he leave so soon…” An Xiaxia asked, a little upset.

“The time was fixed for quite a while. He said he didn’t want to upset you and Xiao Su, so he kept it from you on purpose. Hoho… such a dumb kid…” Mother Kang began to sob. “He’s such a fool…”

He would have to stay in the army for at least two years, and it was only natural that his mother would be sad about his long absence.

Moreover, she knew better than anyone else why her son had made this decision…

An Xiaxia also felt awful. Her eyes were red after she hung up.

Su Xiaomo got the news of Kang Jian joining the army after she arrived at school and she was dumbstruck. “Seriously? He never said anything about it! Shit… He’s such a goof. Will they give him a hard time in the army…”

“Hm… stop it.” An Xiaxia felt sadder at her words and Su Xiaomo was in a bad mood, too. Sheng Yize and He Jiayu exchanged a look, both feeling helpless.

What could they do to cheer them up?

The two girls were in a gloomy mood the whole day. After school, they went to eat barbecue together.

With their friend away, even the meat didn’t taste as good.

“People talk about going their separate ways after graduation… but we haven’t graduated yet and it’s already happened to us…” Su Xiaomo was rather sentimental today. She poured An Xiaxia a glass of beer and they both drained their glasses. An Xiaxia then murmured, “I hope his dreams come true and he can live a happy life.”

“Haha…” Su Xiaomo’s laugh sounded hollow. “Without him, life doesn’t feel as fun.”

Both girls fell silent.

September this year felt desolate because of this parting of friends.

Sooner or later, life would inflict unavoidable pain on you, which you had no choice but to endure.

Then, adults called this experience — growing up.

Su Xiaomo slammed her chopsticks down on the table after a few bites of meat. “This sucks. That goofy fellow’s not around now and I have no one to punch and scold.”

An Xiaxia didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “Do you think Worthless Kang will feel lucky to be able to escape you?”

“Go away! I’m not as ferocious as that! He Jiayu once said I’m a gentle girl!”

An Xiaxia shuddered. “You two are so mushy!”

“Hmph! I’ve always been a gentle baby!”

“Hm… Momo, I noticed something. You used to address yourself as someone else’s father, but you’ve switched to ‘baby’ now!”

Su Xiaomo buried her face in her hands. “I’m a baby!”

An Xiaxia: … The power of love was unbelievable. Why did she suddenly miss that savage Su Xiaomo from before?

She picked up her phone and saw that someone had been frantically trying to reach her on QQ.

“Xiaxia! Check the school bbs! You’ve gone viral!”

An Xiaxia broke out in a cold sweat immediately. Gosh, not again!

She opened the school bbs and saw the title of the most popular post: Love is in the air! Dear Sheng & Xia, have mercy on your fellow single classmates!

In the post was a video recording of Sheng Yize sticking up for her during physics class the other day.

“For one, do we need your permission to be together?

“For another…

“Last but not least…”

His magnificent speech rendered the dean speechless.

The bbs exploded over the post!

However, the main reason the post became so popular… was that Sheng Yize himself had replied!

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Chapter 590: She’s Worth It

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The replies below consisted of various voices —

“Anyone needs snacks and stools? Here, sit in the front row. The view is great here~”

“I’m in tears… There goes my youth. My first love and my idol has been taken away by An Xiaxia!”

“Bitch! Hooking up with guys is all she’s good at!”

“What’s wrong with you? It’s so obviously a two-way thing. Get your facts straight!”


Sheng Yize’s reply was the seventh one under that comment. The person made a speech of it. “Tch, I don’t see what makes her stand out. She’s got so many flaws. Good looks count for nothing. So many women in showbiz are prettier than she is! And she has no family background to speak of. It’s just so disappointing to see him choose her, a nobody! You can give that care and love to a girl good enough for you, but why her? It’s not fair!”

Sheng Yize’s reply was straightforward. “Because I like her and that’s enough. Maybe she’s not as good as others expect, but to me, she’s the best. Maybe others think very highly of me, but when I’m with her, I’m by no means perfect or impeccable. We met each other, we fell in love, and we both have room for improvement, but we both hope to become better people for each other. I won’t ask for everyone’s blessings, but I do hope that her life won’t be affected by public opinion.”

That speech was deemed the most touching confession of love and all the replies beneath it immediately changed their tune.

“You’re so handsome and I agree with everything out of your mouth!”

“He’s retired from showbiz and no longer a public figure. He has the right to be with whoever he likes!”

“Celebrity or common folk, I’ve always liked Sheng Yize. I like his personality, his character, and his work. His real fans would never attack him, but will offer their good wishes.”


Apart from the first few replies, all the rest remained nice and civilized until the last one.

People had a tendency to go with the flow and Sheng Yize’s reply had set the tone. Impartial bystanders and those who held grudges against An Xiaxia were all moved by those words. After that, the replies were filled with good wishes for the both of them.

“From school uniform to a wedding gown, she’s worth it~ Can’t wait to see it!”

That quote came up the most frequently, and each time it showed up, it was followed by quite a few replies beneath it.

The post had become so popular that it caught the teachers’ attention. The dean joined in with a threatening message: “Where’s the admin? Delete the post! Anyone still replying to it will be named and criticized during the flag-raising ceremony next Monday!”

However, no one bought his empty threat and everyone began to tease him instead. “Sir, guess who I am. Can you tell which class I’m from by the look of my online ID?”

Dean: … Damn it. These brats were the worst students ever!

Reading all these, An Xiaxia was touched.

She suddenly felt that those people at school weren’t all that annoying.

“She’s… worth it…” she mumbled and grinned.

Su Xiaomo waved her hand in front of her face. “Wake up!”

“I’m awake!”

“Yes, you are! You simpleton!”

“… A personal attack is illegal!”

The two went on bantering, then Su Xiaomo suddenly said, “Stop! Cease fire! I just remembered something. Li Fanxing’s been shooting a campus drama recent and the rumor is that our school will be a location for the shoot… She’s showing off all over social media!”

“Why should I care?” An Xiaxia snorted.

However, she ran into Li Fanxing the following day during PE class.

The crew was shooting on the sports ground during An Xiaxia’s PE class. Spotting her, Li Fanxing marched over, bloated with pride. “Now matter how much affection he shows you in public, nothing will change. You’ll never stand shoulder to shoulder with him!”