Chapter 59: You Know What, She’s the Only One I’ll Tease

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Pfft —

He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng covered their mouths and snickered, which naturally led to another round of infatuated screams.

“Why, someone’s got a temper,” said Sheng Yize, the pitch of his voice raised a little. “In that case, I say we call off that contract.”

An Xiaxia halted abruptly.

Turning around, she glared at Sheng Yize.

If she could launch death rays with her eyes, Sheng Yize would have been killed a million times over — that, plus sliced into a thousand pieces!

However… the next second, everything took an unexpected turn.

An Xiaxia laid the food on the table in front of Sheng Yize with nimble movements, then asked with a perfect eight-teeth smile, “Enjoy your lunch. Anything else I can do for you?”

Su Xiaomo was shocked by her servile attitude and cried out in surprise, “Xiaxia, what the heck?”

Despite the smile on her face, An Xiaxia was torn apart inside.

That devil!

One day! One day, she would make him pay for this! Hmph!

Sheng Yize tried the food unhurriedly and went on issuing orders. “I’m thirsty.”

An Xiaxia returned swiftly two minutes later with a bottle of water.

Two more bites into his lunch and Sheng Yize looked up lazily. “It’s so hot here.”

An Xiaxia immediately turned her hands into a fan, gnashing her teeth while as she fanned him busily. “Better?”

Sheng Yize blinked. “Yup, but is that reluctance I’m reading on your face? You know, we can always terminate our contract if you don’t want to do it.”

An Xiaxia smiled obsequiously. “No, no, no, I’m doing everything with my heart and soul. Boss Yize, please have some more!”

Eat yourself into a fatso! That’ll make you such a “handsome” idol!

Sheng Yize seemed to read her mind. Lifting one corner of his mouth in a crooked smile, he asked, “Cursing me quietly there, aren’t you?”

An Xiaxia was petrified. Holy crap! How had he made that out?!

“So you really were doing that…” The corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched. “Whatever. I’ll let it pass. ‘The Tale of the Banished Immortal’ starts shooting at the end of October and your Rong Che oppa is going as well. Theoretically, I can take an assistant with me when I join the crew…”

At those words, An Xiaxia held onto his lap. “Aaah! Boss Yize, take me with you, please! I’ll do whatever you ask!”

Sheng Yize was shocked by her sudden movement and blue veins bulged in the corner of his forehead. He tried to force away her hands tugging at his trousers and cursed in a low voice, “Let go of me…” His trousers were almost ripped off! Was the news worth all this excitement? She was such a yokel!

An Xiaxia wouldn’t let go of his leg no matter what and looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. “Are you going to take me?”

“Hm… I don’t like dumb people. You can go with me if you get into the top 500 in the coming exam, otherwise…” Sheng Yize deliberately didn’t finish his sentence.

He had looked up An Xiaxia’s grade for the school entrance examination, and she’d ranked in the 900s. She was by no means a straight-A student, but with some hard work, she had a shot of making it into the middle range.

An Xiaxia nodded repeatedly. “I’ll do my best! I promise I’ll make it into the top 500!”

Sheng Yize picked up that letter with two fingers and said in a baffled tone. “But you’re so busy with your idol and your game, and now this budding love affair… sigh, how can you possibly make it into the top 500?”

An Xiaxia snatched the love letter from his hand and tossed it away, then declared in a serious tone, “I don’t want a boyfriend! I want to study!”

“Hm, good girl. Go wait for me in the classroom. I’ll coach you later.” A fellow’s certain tone reminded one of the Big Bad Wolf coaxing Little Red Riding Hood into the bedroom.

An Xiaxia nodded and quickly finished her lunch, then hurriedly made her way to the classroom, dragging Su Xiaomo behind her.

He Jiayu shook his head and said in resignation, “You’re hopeless… teasing our innocent Xiaxia all the time.”

Sheng Yize chuckled.

“You know what, she’s the only one I’ll tease.”