Chapter 591: Talk About Stealing the Spotlight (1)

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What she meant needed no further explanation: An Xiaxia wasn’t worthy of Sheng Yize, whether in terms of her background or talent.

An Xiaxia rolled her eyes. “He’s 183cm and I’m 160cm. I’ll have to wear stilts if I want to my shoulder to be on level with his!”

“You know perfectly well that’s not what I meant!” Li Fanxing was so furious that she felt like screaming. However, at the thought of the whole crew a short distance away, she realized she had to maintain her image. Fighting back her anger, she said through gritted teeth, “Hmph! You don’t deserve him! You good-for-nothing dumbass…”

Flames of fury rose from the top of An Xiaxia’s head. She was a good-tempered girl, but that didn’t mean she would take whatever others threw at her!

She was about to give Li Fanxing a tongue lashing when a staff called in the distance, “Fanxing, it’s your turn!”

Li Fanxing snorted and strutted away. An Xiaxia gave her back the finger.

“Xiaxia, your sweet corn and roasted sausage.” Sheng Yize walked out of the convenience store with an impassive face, then handed An Xiaxia a handful of snacks.

“Thank you~” Glutton Xia cheered up right away. She then went to sit down on the bench by the sports ground with all of her food.

Sheng Yize sat down next to her. Resting one hand behind his head, he squinted at the clouds overhead. Every now and then, he would dart a look at the girl beside him, which would bring a smile to his face.

Over on the other side, Li Fanxing had done a few takes, but the director found none of them satisfactory. “Li Fanxing! Can you at least try to be professional? You look rubbish in front of the camera! And, you’re supposed to be a fresh and arty campus goddess, what’s with that hideous look on your face? You don’t look like you belong on a school campus at all! Why are you even an actress again?”

Li Fanxing looked utterly embarrassed. This director was known for his peevishness in the circle, but all his dramas and movies drew large audiences. Hence, even when he used such harsh words on her, she didn’t dare say anything despite her anger.

And he had just called her a useless actress…

Li Fanxing felt like she had just been slapped in the face.

There was then another retake. Following the script, she brushed her long hair away from her face, looked back, and flashed a smile. After that was her line exchange with the supporting actress.

“Xiao Ju, which class is that boy on the basketball court from?”

The other actress replied like a little chatterbox, and was actually doing a better job.

Before Li Fanxing could carry on, the director threw his script on the ground. “Cut! I’ve had enough! Did you get botox or what? You look like you’re wearing a mask! If you can’t do it, I can always find someone else!”

The rest of the crew all snickered and Li Fanxing felt her cheeks burn. Her manager went up to the director, smiling obsequiously. “Fanxing is still green… She’s so young and she could use some tips from you… Could you maybe tell her exactly where she’s going wrong? That way, she’ll know how to improve herself…”

The director’s face was livid. “Li Fanxing, come here and see for yourself!”

Li Fanxing went up to him and the director asked the cameraman to replay the latest retake.

There was a breeze and she brushed her hair back, turned around, and looked up. It was no Oscar-winning acting, but was it so bad that he had to yell at her…

Seeing the aggrieved look on her face, the director despised her even more. He pointed at the background. “Even passersby can steal your spotlight. Wipe that look off your face!”

Li Fanxing was surprised. She then followed his finger.

A short distance away, a young couple sat on a bench.

One was handsome and the other adorable.The girl ate the whole time, but the sausage in her hand was suddenly snatched away. The boy raised the sausage and teased her as if he was playing with a puppy. The girl opened her mouth, making an “ah” sound repeatedly with an eager look on her face. Even through the screen, one could feel how lively and vivacious they were.

Comparison could be the cruelest thing in the world. Next to the young couple, Li Fanxing’s acting couldn’t be called acting at all!