Chapter 592: Talk About Stealing the Spotlight (2)

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The couple were both wearing Qixia’s uniform and at first glance, Li Fanxing recognized them as Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia!

Damn it!

How come even their lovey-dovey could get in her way?!

She should be in the center of the stage enjoying all the spotlight as well as An Xiaxia’s jealousy! How could the director say that even two passersby were better than her?

Some with sharper eyes recognized Sheng Yize. “Director, I think that guy is Sheng Yize, the captain of that group Starry Night. He played a minor part in the xiaxian drama ‘The Tale of the Banished Immortal’ and he was pretty good…”

The stern look on the director’s face softened a little. He and the director of the “Banished Immortal” were old acquaintances and the latter had spoken very highly of Sheng Yize, saying that he was a dependable kid and a good actor.

If only this drama could have had him as the male lead… too bad he had left showbiz.

“Oh god… that girl is so adorable and pretty. The two of them look quite close. Are they a couple?” someone murmured.

The cameraman stood there listening to the gossip. At those words, he suddenly raised the camera, zoomed in, and began to film An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia was gnawing on her corn cob with eyes wide open, as if she was afraid that Sheng Yize would steal her food away. She reminded one so much of a cute hamster.

Sheng Yize held a wet paper towel with resignation and would wipe her mouth every now and then.

“Teehee…” She giggled at Sheng Yize, who then pinched her cheek with his long fingers. On camera, her skin was smooth and plump and the two of them looked like they were in a romantic drama.

The whole thing lasted three minutes at most.

Afterwards, the cameraman hit replay and beckoned the director over to watch.

The director watched it in silence, then watched it again. He then heaved a long sigh.

This girl looked perfect for the main female role in this drama.

She was pretty and natural – way better than that Li Fanxing!

Had it not been for Li Fanxing’s patron, the sponsor of this project, he would never have accepted her!

He glared at Li Fanxing. Fortunately, she was only in a major supporting role, otherwise he didn’t think he could tolerate her anymore!

“That’s a wrap for today!” The director waved his hand, which only embarrassed Li Fanxing further.

She hadn’t had one successful take today, which meant she had come here for nothing!

However, the director was quite a character and wouldn’t even look at her. She could only stomp her foot in frustration.

“Why, Fanxing, quickly, go stay in the shade. You’ll get a sunburn out here!” Her manager came over, talking in an exaggerated tone and leading her toward the shade of the trees at the edge of the sports ground.

It just so happened that Li Fanxing was led to where Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia were sitting.

An Xiaxia’s belly was plump after all the snacks she had eaten. Seeing Li Fanxing come over so soon, she was bemused. “Wow, that’s an efficient crew. They’re done already?”

Sheng Yize glanced at the shoot in the distance and immediately realized what was going on. He snickered.

“No crew can be that fast, unless there was an accident, or…” Sheng Yize gave Li Fanxing a knowing look. She couldn’t stand his insinuating tone and said viciously, “At least I’m an actress and An Xiaxia isn’t! Hmph, Sheng Yize, you have no taste! You can’t be blamed for that!”

Sooner or later, he would be hers!

An Xiaxia, on the other hand, grew curious at Sheng Yize’s words. She prompted, “Or what? Don’t leave your sentences unfinished…”

The smile on Sheng Yize’s face was cold. “Some lousy actress pissed the director off, what do you think? That’s why they always say that ugly people should work harder at school. An ignorant person should never go into acting.”

“Who are you calling ignorant?” Li Fanxing said in a high-pitched voice.