Chapter 593: Talk About Stealing the Spotlight (3)

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Sheng Yize’s voice remained very calm. “See? That’s what rabid dogs are like, yapping for no reason. Tsk, tsk.”

Li Fanxing finally caught the meaning behind Sheng Yize’s implicit, caustic remarks.

Furious, she wanted to lunge at him, but her manager clutched her arm tightly. “Fanxing, calm down… There are so many people here. Do you want your picture taken and you make the front page for hitting the ex-captain of Starry Night?”

Li Fanxing gritted her teeth, threw off her manager’s hand, and stormed off.

An Xiaxia unwrapped the last toffee, put it in her mouth, and mumbled, “Should I work harder in school as well…”

Sheng Yize darted her a sidelong glance. “Nope. You’re pretty enough, why bother?”

An Xiaxia was over the moon at those words and gave him a sweet smile. Sheng Yize rubbed her head and smiled back at her. “Of course, you won’t get anywhere even if you did work harder. You’re a dummy, after all.”

“Sheng! Yi! Ze!” An Xiaxia’s bellow scared off a few birds. Sheng Yize rubbed his ears, looking quite innocent. “Did I say anything wrong?”

“You bastard! You’re almost like my brother, calling me a dummy all the time. Will it kill you to stop making fun of me for one day for a change?”

Sheng Yize looked conflicted. “It won’t, but… it’ll be a lot less fun.”

“… Go to hell!”

After PE class, An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo went to the restroom together to wash their faces.

Li Fanxing just happened to walk out of a cubicle and her voice dripped with acid as she said, “You two aren’t lesbians, are you? Sticking together all the time — that’s disgusting!”

“Screw you! Are you envying us or what? Do I need to give you a lesson on political correctness?” Su Xiaomo raised her fist in an intimidating manner.

An Xiaxia pursed her lips. “Ignore her. She’s just a clown — she can’t act and she whines all the time.”

“Totally!” Su Xiaomo gave her a thumbs up. Li Fanxing looked around and saw that the three of them were the only ones in the restroom. She took off her mask of “campus goddess” right away and said coldly, “It must have felt so good to steal my spotlight, right? You think you’re somebody now, just because Sheng Yize is your boyfriend? Let me remind you: your father is a murderer!”

“I’m sorry, but my brother has found evidence. You can’t threaten me with that thing anymore!” An Xiaxia smiled.

An Yibei had contacted the family of the actual person who had been responsible for killing Li Fanxing’s grandfather and had gotten hold of the record of the bribes that the person had taken. With that, even if the case really went to court one day, An Yibei, the elite lawyer, would be able to win without breaking a sweat!

Li Fanxing was taken by surprise. Gritting her teeth, she said, “Out of my way, you piece of shit!”

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo exchanged a look and reached a tacit agreement. They then each moved a little to either side.

“Smart girls!” Li Fanxing gloated, strode out, and fell face down on the floor!

An Xiaxia said in an exaggerated tone, “Miss Su, you shouldn’t have tripped Senior Li!”

Su Xiaomo gave an award-winning performance as she spoke in an animated voice, “Oh, no! Miss An, it must have been you!”

Lying face down on the floor, Li Fanxing said through gritted teeth, “You…”

“Why, I’m sorry. A rabid dog just ran past us. Did you see it, Senior Li?” An Xiaxia looked as innocent as an angel.

Fuming, Li Fanxing almost forgot to breathe. After scrambling to her feet, her phone began to ring in her pocket.

She picked up and said impatiently, “What?”

It was from her manager, who said hesitantly, “That… I think you should take a look at Weibo…”