Chapter 594: Talk About Stealing the Spotlight (4)

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Her manager hung up immediately after that, leaving Li Fanxing utterly confused.

She opened Weibo and saw that she had been tagged repeatedly. Opening them, she realized that most of them were jeers.

“Campus goddess my ass! She’s so not worth the title!”

“Did you have plastic surgery? No way you looked like this in ‘Banished Immortal’!”

“Her acting is terrible… It can’t be any worse. Please remove Li Fanxing from the show!”


She flipped through the pages with tremulous fingers and it took her a long while to find out what all this was about.

It had all started with a promotional video that had been released earlier, which was for “You Were There in My Youth,” the drama she had shot today. The video consisted of highlights for each character and her fellow actors and actresses had all received rounds of applause. However, the director seemed to have it in for her, as he had used her work today in the video. She thought she was going to drown in all the spit!

She went on watching. At the end of the video, the post production team had added something extra.

“We ran into this lovely girl at the film location today, so we’ve included her as an easter egg!”

What came next in the video was An Xiaxia chewing her sweet corn. Sheng Yize’s face wasn’t included. Only his hand could be seen in the last part where he pinched her cheek.

The majority of the comments were: this adorable girl has melted my heart!

Some even went so far to say that they would trade this girl for Li Fanxing any day!

For a moment, the call for a change of actress was so loud that it became one of the most popular topics.

Fuming, Li Fanxing threw her phone to the floor and pointed at An Xiaxia’s nose. “Are you trying to steal my role? An Xiaxia, you bitch! You stole my spotlight! I’m gonna rip your face off!”

Before she could do anything, Su Xiaomo kicked her in the face!

Yes! In the face!

“Excuse me? Did you just threaten my Xiaxia in front of me?” Su Xiaomo said harshly. “You have a problem? I don’t care. Shut your mouth and roll over! You’re polluting the air we breathe here!”

Li Fanxing swore she was having a stroke.

The next day.

“My Youth” still needed to shoot a scene of Li Fanxing taking part in a campus singing competition, so the school rounded up all the students with some talent to make up numbers.

As a specialized student, An Xiaxia was among the helpers.

The director shot the performances of a few students, then it was Li Fanxing’s turn.

She was going to sing a classic love song. However, everyone laughed as soon as she started.

She was out of tune, hopelessly out of tune!

Li Fanxing went on singing, thinking that the tune could be corrected in post production.

When she finished, the dirty look the director gave her was beyond description!

She went off the stage, feeling defeated, and heard the director talking to the assistant director.

“Those first few weren’t all that good. Let’s have a few more students sing, or we’ll have nothing to edit in post production!”

“Hoho, anything is better than her! That was practically a public execution!”

” Sigh … Well, what can we do?” The assistant director sighed. He then called out, “Anyone else ready to give a performance? Do show some enthusiasm. You may end up appearing on the show!”

Li Fanxing felt her cheeks burn. She then spotted An Xiaxia and glared at her, venting all her rage on the girl.

An Xiaxia only found her unbelievable. She had only been summoned here and that woman still wouldn’t leave her in peace!

Damn it! She had had enough!

Her hand shot up in the air. “Me!”

“Alright. Come up here!”

Holding a guitar she borrowed, An Xiaxia briskly went up to the stage.

She smiled confidently when she walked past Li Fanxing. “Didn’t you say that I stole your spotlight? So be it! Li Fanxing, let me tell you what it really means to steal the spotlight!”