Chapter 595: Talk About Stealing the Spotlight (5)

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Li Fanxing clenched her fists involuntarily.

The stage was brightly lit and An Xiaxia looked refreshing and sweet in her black school uniform. She held the guitar and sat down on the chair that had been put out.

The director recognized her as the girl from yesterday and patted the cameraman on his shoulder. “Get ready!”

The cameraman chuckled. “I was born ready!”

An Xiaxia plucked the strings to check the pitch. She then smiled shyly at the audience and began playing.

The prelude was mild and fresh. After a chord, An Xiaxia sang into the microphone —

“Zebra, zebra, don’t fall asleep,

please show me your wounded tail once more.

I don’t want to touch your scar,

I only want to lift your hair.

Zebra, zebra, you’ve gone back home,

but I’m still wasting my youth in this cold place.

No door in your city would open for me,

and I’ll be back on the road eventually.


The entire room quieted down at her voice! Those playing with their phones, chatting, bantering… everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at the stage in unison.

The teenage girl’s voice was clear and ethereal. It reminded one of a blooming lily in the middle of the night, making a tranquil but stunning picture.

Excited, the director clutched the script in his hand. The cameraman adjusted his position several times, shooting from all angles.

“Zebra, zebra, do you still remember me?

I’m that fool who can only sing.

Zebra, zebra, go to sleep,

I’ll leave the North with my guitar.

Zebra, zebra, will you remember me?


An Xiaxia played the guitar and quietly sang this folk song.

The song was a little melancholy, but she interpreted it in a special way. Her soft voice seemed to linger in the air, making one feel that it was a song for everyone and a whisper for themselves alone at the same time!

She caught the attention of everyone, Li Fanxing included!

She couldn’t accept it. How… how could it be…

An Xiaxia put down her guitar after the song was over. She smiled at the audience, then hopped off the stage.

The audience looked as if they had just woken up from a dream. Someone then cried out in surprise.

“That was so wonderful… I thought I was dreaming…”

“That can’t have been a recording, can it? How can anyone be that good…”

“Don’t be silly! She’s got real talent. Li Fanxing was more like a recording… she was so off it was all the way to the moon!”

To Li Fanxing, each word was like a slap in her face!

Turning around, she saw that An Xiaxia had been stopped by the director, who had never been this enthusiastic. “What’s your name? Are you interested in acting?”

“Hm…” Taken by surprise, An Xiaxia shook her head nervously. The look in the director’s eyes became even more fervid at her inexperienced yet adorable reaction.

“How about we get you a minor role to start with? I can get a bigger part for you if you want…” the director said unashamedly. “Whatever your terms are, just name them!”

An Xiaxia was utterly baffled. She had gone up on stage to sing on a whim, just to annoy Li Fanxing.

How had things turned out this way…

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have any plans to start acting. Thank you.” An Xiaxia bowed to the director and declined his offer.

The director was sorry to hear that, but he knew he couldn’t force it upon her.

He had just lost a promising actress! What a pity!

At the thought of Li Fanxing’s performance just then, an idea dawned on him. “If sitting in front of the camera isn’t what you want, how about some behind-the-scenes work? You have a beautiful voice. Could you maybe… dub for her?”

Li Fanxing realized in astonishment that the director was pointing at her!