Chapter 596: Change the Actress!

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An Xiaxia? Dub for her? Excuse me?!

Li Fanxing went up to the director in a flurry. “Director, I…”

“Shush!” The director waved her off impatiently, but when he turned to An Xiaxia, the look on his face was all pleasant again. “Would you like that? The salary is quite considerable, too…”

An Xiaxia shook her head without hesitation.

The thought of Li Fanxing’s face on TV with her voice gave her goosebumps all over!

The director looked sorry. “Why?”

“Um… I think it would feel so weird to see other people speaking with my voice…” An Xiaxia tried to put it as mildly as possible. The director replied with an “ooh.” “You have a point. Her acting sucks. It doesn’t deserve your voice!”

Li Fanxing’s face went completely dark!

Damn it… She had just been ridiculed in front of An Xiaxia!

Anger made her resort to threats. “Director, if you really are that unhappy with me, feel free to find someone else!”

The director nodded. “Alright.”

Pfft —

An Xiaxia couldn’t help but laugh.

“Have you forgotten? I introduced a third of the investment in this show! Replace me and the sponsor will withdraw their money!” Li Fanxing raised her delicate chin, sounding arrogant.

The director had found her an eyesore to begin with. Now that she was giving him this attitude, he decided to turn nasty. “Heh, I guess it’s time to let you know: the male lead also comes with an investment and he’s recommended an actress for your role. Replace you and we’ll receive a bigger investment! Young lady, don’t try to bargain with me. You’re not qualified enough to do that yet!”

Directors with his status couldn’t care less about the couple of million’s worth of investment Li Fanxing brought in! If he wanted, more than enough investors would jump at the offer!

Li Fanxing now realized that she had been impulsive.

Although this wasn’t a big-budget production and was adapted from a web novel, the drama would have a large fan group to begin with. As long as she could appear in it, her popularity would rise a notch…

“Director, that was very impertinent of me, please forgive me…” She smiled obsequiously. The director snorted, ignored her, and went to instruct another actress.

Li Fanxing stood there, not knowing if she should run after the director or leave. She was utterly embarrassed.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you? An Xiaxia!” In her rage, she lashed out at An Xiaxia!

An Xiaxia shrugged. “I only sang one song. You did the rest yourself!”

Li Fanxing’s voice dripped with poison. “Bitch! You bitch! Who are you to steal my role?”

An Xiaxia found her ridiculous. “Yesterday you said I stole your spotlight and now I’m stealing your role? How did I do that? Did I act in a scene or what? You tried to threaten the director but failed, and you’re blaming it on me? Why do you never try to reflect on yourself when there’s a problem? Why do you always think it’s someone else’s fault? You’re not paranoid, are you?”

When it came to bandying words, Li Fanxing was no match for An Xiaxia!

As a veteran anti-fan, she had a reputation as a fighter!

She couldn’t be bothered to talk to Li Fanxing anymore. Pursing her lips, she left.

Li Fanxing looked as if she had aged a decade in seconds. Listening to everyone else discuss An Xiaxia’s spectacular performance just then, she thought she was going to be devoured by the raging fire inside her.

Little did An Xiaxia expect that the video of her singing would also go viral!

The crew made a video from a clip of the recording and posted it on Weibo, which then went on to create a sensation!

When everyone thought she was the main female character, the official Weibo of the drama forwarded the post, stating that she was just an extra.

Immediately, the Weibo page of “My Youth” was drowned in comments and the most mentioned words were: Change the actress!