Chapter 598: An Xiaxia, I Need Your Help

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Those words would have sounded so pretentious or arrogant coming from another person’s mouth.

However, when Sheng Yize said it in that careless tone, it was totally convincing!

He had the capability and the resources!

“Hm…” An Xiaxia was a little dazed, while Su Xiaomo interjected, “How? Create media hype about your love affair?”

“What goes on in that head of yours all the time…” Someone knocked her head with their knuckles. She looked around and saw that He Jiayu had arrived as well.

Su Xiaomo shifted her gaze from her boyfriend to An Xiaxia, then said reluctantly, “How about I lend you Cutie He for the media hype?”

She looked like someone was cutting off her flesh.

He Jiayu couldn’t decide whether to cry or to laugh. “What now? You’re selling me off?”

Su Xiaomo gave him a guilty smile.

“Actually, you do have a point.” Sheng Yize chuckled, which baffled An Xiaxia. “Add Fengfeng in and we’ll have enough people for a round of mahjong…”

“Why, Xiaxia, did you call my name?” Chi Yuanfeng charged in with a sandwich between his teeth.

He had gained huge popularity these days and his career had taken off after he went solo. They seldom saw him at school now.

After Su Xiaomo’s brief explanation, Chi Yuanfeng’s face lit up. “You’re going into showbiz? Great! Call me ‘Senior’ from now on and I’ll have your back!”

The thought of An Xiaxia following him around made Chi Yuanfeng’s day.

“I’m not. I just want to be an ordinary girl.” An Xiaxia smiled awkwardly. She still remembered that incident during Chi Yuanfeng’s concert. It was said that the attacker was a fan of his, who was from a family with a tradition of practicing martial arts and who had learned dancing at a later stage. She had been a fervid fan for years and suffered from a mental illness. With much maneuvering, she had managed to become a dancer for the concert, so as to kill Chi Yuanfeng before committing suicide. She believed that by doing that, she could be with Chi Yuanfeng forever…

The thought still made An Xiaxia shiver.

“Oh…” Chi Yuanfeng went back to his seat, crestfallen. He Jiayu took Su Xiaomo to the side to give her a lecture, while Sheng Yize gave An Xiaxia a brooding look. “You don’t want to?”

“No. And I already feel it’s such a burden to be among the ‘hottest topics…’” There was nothing affected about An Xiaxia’s words. She was genuinely against the idea of joining showbiz.

Sheng Yize nodded. “I see.”

An Xiaxia was baffled. What did he see?

Sheng Yize was a man of action. That same day, all content related to An Xiaxia was removed from Weibo.

Others would still post the video, but its popularity would keep going down and it would no longer enter the “hottest topics” list. Gradually, people’s attention shifted to other things and “My Youth” didn’t dare post another video.

In this internet age, new things popped up as quickly as they died down. It only took two days for the majority to forget about An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia was very content with this result and admired Sheng Yize’s capability.

After lunch on Friday, An Xiaxia rested her head on her desk and slept soundly. Sheng Yize wiped her saliva away, then went back to his reading.

Knock, knock —

Someone tapped the window. He looked up to find a good-looking boy outside, whose name tag glinted in the sunlight.

It was Xiao Yan.

An Xiaxia’s unwelcome pursuer.

Sheng Yize put down his book and smirked.

Again? Blame himself for what happened next, then!

He slid the window open. “What?”

Xiao Yan smiled politely. “I’m here to talk to An Xiaxia. Could you get her for me, please?”

Why, did the man have a death wish?

“Hm…” An Xiaxia slowly woke up and looked blankly toward the window.

Xiao Yan blushed at the sight of her and his smile looked shy. “Well… An Xiaxia, I need your help…”