Chapter 599: Bite Me! Right Here!

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It took An Xiaxia a while to comprehend the question. She then pointed at herself and asked, “Me?”

Xiao Yan nodded. “Yes!”

He involuntarily struggled to keep his composure when An Xiaxia spoke to him. He smiled at An Xiaxia, despite the dirty look a certain scheming guy threw at him.

An Xiaxia was still very sleepy. She yawned and suddenly realized something. Poking at Sheng Yize, she asked, “I didn’t drool, did I?”

She didn’t want to make a fool of herself in front of others, but to Sheng Yize, it sounded like she wanted to maintain a good image for Xiao Yan.


“You did, and it was a lot,” he said coldly.

An Xiaxia scrambled for a tissue. Aah! She had been with Sheng Yize long enough not to mind letting him see it, but Xiao Yan was practically a stranger. It was so humiliating to let him see her drool.

The dark clouds above Sheng Yize’s head grew darker.

An Xiaxia finally found a tissue. She wiped her mouth, then looked out the window quizzically. “What do you need me for?”

Xiao Yan cleared his throat. “Can we talk outside?”

“Huh? Can’t we talk here?” Considering the displeased fellow next to her, An Xiaxia didn’t think it was a good idea to go off with Xao Yan just like that.

Xiao Yan asked earnestly, “I really need your help… and I do need to talk in private. Sheng Yize, please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not going to confess my love or anything.”

He sounded so sincere as his intense gaze landed on An Xiaxia. “Please…”

An Xiaxia looked awkwardly at Sheng Yize. Seeing her reaction, Xiao Yan asked, “Sheng Yize, will that be alright?”

Since he had put it that way, Sheng Yize said cockily, “Do I look like such a narrow-minded person to you?”

An Xiaxia giggled. “No! Of course not! I’m going, then!” She trotted out.

Sheng Yize almost choked on his spit!

He didn’t “look like” one! He was one! Damn it! Did she have to run so fast? Had she forgotten that she was his girlfriend?

Devoured by his unreasonable jealousy, he turned the pages of his book loudly. Qi Yanxi guffawed. “You know what? You look so much like a rabid dog!”

“Heh.” Sheng Yize smirked. “I can tear you apart with my teeth. Want to try it?!”

Flower Qi: … Damn! So savage!

Come to think of it, love could have a terrible effect on men. Sheng Yize had just admitted that he was a dog! Ahahaha!

Qi Yanxi beckoned with a finger. “Bite me! Right here!” He pointed at his own face with a gloating smile.

Sheng Yize’s smile was indecipherable. He then raised a foot and kicked Qi Yanxi to the floor face down. When he scrambled to his feet, Qi Yanxi realized that there were scratches on his cheeks…

“Damn it! You’ve ruined my face! You’re dead! Arf!”

Sheng Yize gave him the most nonchalant look. Now who was the dog?

Xiao Yan took An Xiaxia to the small garden on school grounds.

He cleared his throat and was going to speak, but one look at An Xiaxia’s countenance and he was too shy to do so.

Although his confession of love had failed last time, he hadn’t stopped liking An Xiaxia.

“Well… I was wondering if you could do me a favor.”


Xiao Yan summoned up his courage and explained, “I have a cousin, Xiao Xue. She has a part in ‘My Youth’ and she’s composed a song which she’s going to give to the director to see if it can be used as a theme song for the show. I’ve written the lyrics for her and I was wondering if you could sing a demo for us?”

“Um… sure.” It wasn’t anything difficult.

Xiao Yan blushed. “Really? I’ll send you the song tonight!”

An Xiaxia smiled at him and was going to go back to the classroom when Xiao Yan then took her arm and asked tentatively, “Xiaxia, do you… like being with Sheng Yize?”