Chapter 6: How Many Times Do You Want To Fling Yourself At Me?

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No one noticed this detail besides An Xiaxia.

She looked away and pretended she hadn’t seen it.

However, her heart began to race with guilt…

Speaking of which, why would he come to this school?

After the opening ceremony, the class teachers took their classes back to the classrooms.

An Xiaxia was the typical internet-obsessed teenage girl. Taking advantage of the time before the teacher arrived, she took out her phone sneakily and began to play with it.

She clicked into the school forum and unsurprisingly, all the posts that were trending were discussions about Starry Night as well as handsome photos of them.

Amongst the posts of these crazed fans, the photos of her and Kang Jian getting scolded like a pair of fools stood out.

“Worthless Kang, I hate you!” An Xiaxia wailed and complained as she opened Starry Night’s Weibo page.

That was right, she was a fan of Starry Night. However, she was a special type of fan – an anti-fan!

On one hand, she liked Starry Night’s handsome faces. On the other hand, she was a die-hard fan of the ballad prince Rong Che. Moreover, Rong Che and Starry Night were known in showbiz to be on bad terms!

For her most beloved idol, she was bound by honor to be an anti-fan.

She was halfway editing her comment when her fingers stopped scrolling and a perplexed expression appeared on her small face.

The unattainable three idols that could only be dreamed about were now at the same school as she was. She was even involved with Sheng Yize…

She had an unusually bad feeling about this.

“Hey, stop playing. We’re almost at our classroom.” Kang Jian’s voice brought An Xiaxia back to reality.

She muttered a reply, put away her phone, and headed toward the school building with Kang Jian.

The corridors of the school were currently filled to the brim with students. An Xiaxia said hesitantly, “Shall we wait for the crowd to thin a little before going in?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll open a path for you!” Kang Jian was eager to make a move. Grabbing An Xiaxia, he bulldozed forward.

He was tall, long-legged, and well-built. By sheer force, he actually managed to squeeze through. An Xiaxia, who was dragged along by the arm, felt that she was getting squished into a pulp.

As Kang Jian made his way into the midst of some girls, he got shy and feared that he might accidentally bump into inappropriate body parts. He thus slowed down.

Without warning, a long-haired girl shrieked in a high-pitched voice, “Hey! Stop pushing! Are you trying to take advantage of me?!”

Kang Jian didn’t know what to say and had to step back. The people around him then pressed in and among all the chaos, he accidentally let go of An Xiaxia’s arm.

An Xiaxia didn’t even get the chance to call out before her small frame got pushed around in all directions and she fell down face first…

She closed her eyes in despair and felt that she was definitely going to get trampled by all these people.

Maybe tomorrow’s news headline would be: Accident at High School, Young Girl Tragically Stomped to Death.

Two seconds later, instead of the cold hard floor she imagined, she fell into a pair of warm and strong arms…

She opened her eyes only to immediately widen them!

Sheng Yize!

She didn’t fall to the ground but instead, she had fallen into Sheng Yize’s arms like a starving wolf diving at food!

She finally understood why there were so many people in this hallway. The three members of Starry Night were stuck here signing autographs!

Sheng Yize spun the marker in his other hand as he narrowed his eyes. “Are you going to let go of me anytime soon?”

An Xiaxia blinked and realized that her face was still pressed against his chest!

Flustered, she tried to get away from his embrace, but only became even more disoriented and fell down again.

Sheng Yize knitted his brows as he involuntarily caught her again.

Before An Xiaxia got the chance to say thank you, his deep voice rang out in her ear in a teasing manner. “How many times are you going to fling yourself at me before you’re happy?”