Chapter 60: You’re Living With Them?!

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Before going back to the classroom, An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo went to the bathroom first.

An Xiaxia washed her face with cold water and took an oath with her small fists clenched. “Keep it together, An Xiaxia! Get in the top 500 and Rong Che oppa is yours!”

Su Xiaomo eyed her as if she was looking at a mad person. After making sure that no one was around, she pressed, “Xiaxia, tell me the truth, what’s going on between you and Sheng Yize? I asked Worthless Kang the other day, but he didn’t tell my anything concrete… you two aren’t in love, are you?”

“That’s never going to happen!” An Xiaxia shook her head. After some consideration, she decided to tell Su Xiaomo the truth.

She lowered her voice. “Well… their group rented the third floor of my house for convenience, and for a certain reason, I… owe him some money. So I have to pay my debt by becoming his assistant now. We even signed a contract…”

Su Xiaomo was dumbfounded at the news. “Holy crap! That means you’re living together with Sheng Yize and the other two?!”

“Keep your voice down!” An Xiaxia stopped her right away. “That’s it! I’m going to begin my revision now! This cutie here is going to see Rong Che oppa with her own eyes, mwahahahahaha!”

Su Xiaomo stood there murmuring to herself: had this world just gone insane?

She left the bathroom in a daze and missed a girl with long hair walking out of the innermost cubicle.

Li Canxing clutched her mobile phone tightly. Her face was drained of all color and the paleness gave a terrifying quality to her appearance, which was cold and detached to begin with.

Her cramp had been killing her since this morning. Being as good as she was at disguising and hiding her true self, she would rather suffer alone in the bathroom than share about it with someone else.

Never did she expect… to hear such a secret.

Hoho… no wonder Sheng Yize had been looking out for An Xiaxia.

So, they were living together?

An Xiaxia was working her guts out for her dearest idol.

When Sheng Yize went back to the classroom, he saw that instead of playing with her phone or taking a nap, An Xiaxia had buried her head in an exercise book, looking very industrious.

Despite her efforts, after a quick glimpse of her work, Sheng Yize saw that it was doing nothing to improve her miserable accuracy.

Well, at least her mind was off that puppy love, right?

Tch, she would be much better off spending less time around spiteful fellows like that one. Her little brain would remain ignorant even if she was sold to some remote village and she would even happily help count the money.

An Xiaxia finished a page and looked helplessly at Sheng Yize. “I, I don’t know how to solve this…”

Lifting an eyebrow, Sheng Yize turned his thoughts back to the exercise book and patiently explained it to her a couple of times.

The lunch break was over and students were coming back to the classroom in twos and threes. After realizing that Sheng Yize was teaching An Xiaxia, they all watched with their eyes popping out.

OMG! What was going on?

Gritting her teeth, Jian Xin’er went up to them with her exercise book in hand and gave Sheng Yize an appropriate smile. “Sheng Yize, could you teach me how to solve this problem?”

Instead of Captain Yize, she was addressing him as a fellow student.

Since he would even teach An Xiaxia, he wouldn’t refuse her in front of so many people, would he?

Jian Xin’er was going over her little agenda happily in her head, but never did she expect Sheng Yize to furrow his brow and ask in reply, “Why are you taking the problem to me?”

Jian Xin’er felt the smile freeze on her face. “Because you’re very good at it…”

Sheng Yize smiled, “That’s such a simple problem… has Qixia lowered its admission criteria so much now?”


The other students guffawed.

Infuriated by the humiliation, Jian Xin’er pointed angrily at An Xiaxia. “That idiot couldn’t do it, either! Why are you teaching her?”