Chapter 601: I’m Not Angry

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The yellow light of the street lamp shone down, casting Sheng Yize’s forehead in shadow. His face, however, was even darker than that shadow.

He was fuming!

An Xiaxia, on the other hand, hadn’t realized what was going on. She asked innocently, “What’s wrong?”

Sheng Yize lifted the corner of his mouth and whispered, “You little dummy.”

“Huh? What was that?”

“I said you’re lovely.” Sheng Yize looked innocent. An Xiaxia pursed her lips. “Not buying it… I’ve used that excuse myself…”

He was secretly making sarcastic comments about her! She knew it!

Sheng Yize couldn’t be bothered to explain. He helped her to return all the plants to outside her window, then kissed her on her forehead. “Good night.”

“Nite nite~ Mwa~”

“Mwa? Here… let me show you…”

“Hey! Stop right there!”


Monday, lunch time.

Su Xiaomo dashed out of the classroom as soon as the bell rang. She bought some sweet and sour spare ribs, then asked An Xiaxia to join her.

They had just sat down when a tall figure approached them and put down a tray on their table. On it were a few dishes that were very hard to get hold of.

He smiled shyly. “Try these.”

Su Xiaomo’s face lit up. “Dear President, you look like a giant today!”

An Xiaxia gave him a quizzical look and Xiao Yan explained immediately, “I said it’ll be my treat and I always keep my promise!”

“Thank you…”

“You’re welcome! I should be thanking you!”

Su Xiaomo grimaced at An Xiaxia, asking with her eyes, “Is this guy hitting on you again?”

An Xiaxia shook her head. Xiao Yan moved closer suddenly, reached out with his hand, and brushed her hair back to hook it behind her ears.

Excuse me?

Xiao Yan realized he had been inappropriate after that and apologized right away. “I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad at me.”

He really couldn’t help it.

When a guy really liked a girl, one could always tell from the little details.

An Xiaxia found his action troublesome. She forced a smile and stayed a little further from him.

There was a commotion outside the canteen, followed by the shrieks and cheers of girls. A figure quickly approached them and stopped at their table with a gloomy face. He then pulled An Xiaxia to her feet and dragged her out!

“Hey… What’s going on? Talk to me…”

Sheng Yize ignored her protest and charged out of the canteen with her. His other hand was clutching his phone tightly.

Three minutes ago.

He bought some yogurt and went to the canteen with He Jiayu. Having nothing better to do, he opened the school bbs and found a livestream post.

The person followed Xiao Yan, recording the latter buying food and water before he sat down next to An Xiaxia.

Sheng Yize’s pupils contracted. Narrowing his eyes, he refreshed the page.

Xiao Yan brushed An Xiaxia’s hair away with gentle fingers. From the angle of the secret camera, the two looked like they were kissing.

Sheng Yize threw his yogurt away and dashed into the canteen.

An Xiaxia was dragged onto the rooftop. Sheng Yize took a deep breath, ripped his tie from his neck, and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt. He then stared unblinkingly at An Xiaxia with his flickering eyes. An Xiaxia flinched, feeling uneasy. “Are… are you angry?”

Why? She didn’t think she had done anything to irritate him.

“I’m not.” Sheng Yize smirked, which gave An Xiaxia the jitters. She said gingerly, “You obviously are…”

Sheng Yize’s gaze landed on her lips.

They were pink, tender, and reminded him of the dancing cherry blossoms of April.

He raised her chin, and the next moment, a kiss landed on her lips in an overbearing manner!