Chapter 604: Stick to a Dumb Wife for Life

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Her voice was so quiet that it felt like a whiff of air could blow the sound away. However, the firmness in her tone was indisputable.

Mu Li was baffled for two seconds. She then raised an eyebrow sarcastically and said, “I’m sorry, but I stopped considering you my friend a long time ago!”

Ever since I learned that you were the girl Qi Yanxi liked, but you wouldn’t tell me, we’ve stopped being friends!

She gathered her things, stood up, and left with an impassive face.

An Xiaxia watched her leave, then helplessly sat down on the ground.

When she wasn’t looking, Sheng Yize went up to her and snorted. “Don’t be silly. Parting with such a person isn’t worth crying over.”

An Xiaxia mumbled, “I’m not sad. I’m angry!”

She was angry at those matter-of-fact words, as if she had done something terrible to Mu Li.

“Angry? That’s even sillier.” Sheng Yize was relentless.

An Xiaxia didn’t retort, but only leaned her head against his leg and murmured, “Why is the friendship between girls so fragile?”

So much so that it didn’t seem worth crying over.

“Friendship between boys is the same. People change. There’s no pain when you stop caring, and that’s what you should do.”

“Didn’t you care about your friendship with Qi Yanxi?” An Xiaxia retorted.

Sheng Yize snickered. “Why should I care about that idiot… He’s too dumb. Hanging out with him will lower my intelligence.”

In the classroom, Qi Yanxi, who was reading an R-18 comic, sneezed. He mumbled, “Which idiot is talking about me behind my back?”

An Xiaxia snuffled. “Just admit it! Smart people like you discriminate against common folk like me! You despise Qi Yanxi even when you two grew up together. I bet you despise me, too…”

Sheng Yize darted her a glance, pulled her to her feet, and wrapped his arms around her. He then said with a smile, “It’s not the same. I can break off my relationship with a dumb buddy. Whereas a dumb wife… Sigh, I’ll have to stick with her for life~”

“Hm…” An Xiaxia blushed.

An Xiaxia thought she would never see Mu Li again, but the latter showed up at her house one day.

Hardly anyone ever came to visit An Xiaxia at home, so Papa An invited her in enthusiastically. An Xiaxia had just taken a shower and was going to watch some TV. She was noticeably surprised to see Mu Li. “What brings you here?”

Mu Li handed her a box with an expressionless face. “From Qi Yanxi. He said it’s in return for your birthday present.”

An Xiaxia was speechless. It had been Qi Yanxi’s birthday recently and she and Su Xiaomo had given him a present. What goofy guy would give a present in return for a birthday one?

An Xiaxia didn’t open it, but casually tossed it on the sofa, which made Mu Li clench her fists. She asked in a low voice, “You must be so proud of yourself, huh?”

She could still recall how happy Qi Yanxi was when he’d received An Xiaxia’s gift — it was as if he had discovered precious treasure. He had then handpicked a present for An Xiaxia, but was too shy to bring it here himself. Instead, he pretended he couldn’t care less and ordered, “You, Mu Li, take it to her for me. It’s not worth my time to go myself!”

The journey to An Xiaxia’s home had been like a trip into an inferno for Mu Li.

“What was that?” An Xiaxia didn’t hear what she said. Suddenly, there was a thump. Papa An had collapsed to the ground!

An Xiaxia was scared out of her wits and rushed to his side in a hurry. Papa An looked pale and his eyes were tightly shut. He had passed out!

She fumbled around for her cell phone, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Panic-stricken, she was almost in tears. She then turned to Mu Li. “Mu, Mu Li… call 120… I’m begging you…”

Mu Li was frightened, too, and stood there in a flurry. A moment later, she took out her phone before putting it back with trembling fingers…