Chapter 607: Murderer’s Daughter (1)

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She stood in the corridor alone and watched people come and go, as if everything that had happened was a dream.

But the nightmare seemed to never end.

She took a taxi home. Cozy light filled the room after she switched the lamp on, but it only made her cold to the bones.

Then there was the sound of her cell phone’s ringtone. An Xiaxia searched every corner of the room before digging her phone out from under the sofa.

“An Xiaxia, I almost feel sorry for your bad luck! Haha, I didn’t do anything this time. The relative of a doctor involved in that operation reported your dad. Let me guess. Are you huddled in a corner and crying at the moment? I’m cracking up here. Good luck and bye~” Li Fanxing’s frenzied laugh filled An Xiaxia’s ears. Her face drained of all color as her phone slipped out of her hand.

Don’t cry…

She had to have faith in An Yibei. Even if the case went to court, her brother would surely be able to defend her dad…

He had to…

She sank onto the sofa and fell into a confused sleep.

Mu Li was still a little shaken when she got back to the Qi family home.

As soon as she went back to her room, Qi Yanxi knocked on her door and asked with sparkling eyes, “My gift, did you give it to her?”

Mu Li smiled bitterly. “I did.”

“Did she open it? Does she like it? That limited edition thing was so hard to get hold of… Haha, I’m sure she’ll like it… No, no, what if she doesn’t?” Qi Yanxi was caught up in his mercurial mood.

His reaction made Mu Li’s heart bleed. She couldn’t help but say, “Young Master, is An Xiaxia worth your painstaking efforts? She has a boyfriend already!”

Qi Yanxi said carelessly, “I just want to be nice to her. Why does it matter whether or not she likes me or has a boyfriend?”

“Heh…” Mu Li forced a smile. “I don’t feel too well. I think I’ll go to bed now…”

“Alright. Good night.” Qi Yanxi shrugged and turned to leave, still mumbling, “She likes it… she doesn’t… she likes it… she has to like my gift!”

Mu Li quickly closed the door and burst into tears.

She took out her phone. On the screen was a message from Li Fanxing.

“An Xiaxia’s dad is a murderer~ He’s no longer a doctor because he killed a patient during an operation. Her dad was taken away by the police this evening. I think you know what to do, don’t you?”

Mu Li’s contenance turned harsh.

An Yibei didn’t come back until it was almost daybreak. He found An Xiaxia on the sofa and carried her to her bed.

An Xiaxia was startled awake. Seeing her brother, she grabbed his sleeve and asked in a hurry, “Brother… how did it go…”

An Yibei had stayed up the whole night. His eyes were bloodshot and stubble covered his chin. Unlike his usual aloof manner, he made quite a sorry picture at the moment.

“I’ll take care of it. Just go to school.” His tone betrayed nothing. No matter how hard An Xiaxia pressed, he wouldn’t tell her anything.

An Xiaxia had no choice but to go to school as usual.

After sleeping on the sofa all night, she felt like she was coming down with a cold. She went to fetch herself some hot water before sitting down at her desk.

Only a handful of students had arrived and neither Sheng Yize nor Su Xiaomo were there yet.

Someone knocked on the window. An Xiaxia looked up and saw Mu Li standing outside, looking very proud and arrogant.

An Xiaxia smiled bitterly. She slid the window open and asked, “What?”

Splash —

A whole bottle of water was splashed all over An Xiaxia’s face!

“What makes you think you can show up at school, you murderer’s daughter?”