Chapter 608: Murderer’s Daughter (2)

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She moved so fast that even when An Xiaxia turned her head to dodge, the water still got her.

Her face and hair were all wet. Water dribbled down, making a mess.

An Xiaxia’s lips quivered as she looked at Mu Li, stunned.

Mu Li sounded very confident as she yelled, “An Xiaxia! You dad killed a man and I heard he was taken away by the police last night! What are you doing here? Are you trying to take revenge by hurting your fellow classmates? Tsk, tsk. Who’s to say that a murderer’s daughter isn’t a murderer, too?”

Her voice was so loud that quite a few students gathered around to watch. Students from An Xiaxia’s class began to arrive at that moment. At this sight, they gathered round in twos and threes, murmuring among themselves.

“Shit. What’s that about?”

“Tsk, tsk. She sounds so certain. It must be true!”

“I never thought An Xiaxia had such a big secret… Has she been pretending this whole time?”


Mu Li was greatly satisfied with their reactions!

An Xiaxia calmly dried her face with a tissue, then asked without raising her voice, “Mu Li, how are your actions any different from those people that used to bully you?”

Mu Li was surprised by that question. She then ranted, “Did I say anything wrong? Do you dare call me a liar?”

An Xiaxia smiled sarcastically.

She couldn’t for the life of her understand why someone she helped once would turn on her this quickly!

“Rumours and scandals are the most hurtful. I thought you of all people should know that. But now? Haven’t you just become the kind of person that you hated the most? Mu Li, you’re hideous now! You’re so much uglier than what you once pretended to be!”

An Xiaxia finished all that in one go. She then unscrewed her thermal flask open and splashed the contents all over Mu Li!

Mu Li didn’t have time to dodge and took the full impact. An Xiaxia had avoided her face and aimed at her body instead. Her skin turned red immediately from the hot water!

“But I’m nothing like you! Do you think I’ll just take it like you used to? I have a good temper, but it doesn’t mean I’ll stay that way! You’ve splashed me and I’ve splashed you back! We’re even!” After that powerful statement, An Xiaxia closed the window and stared into Mu Li’s eyes through the glass.

Mu Li screamed as the onlookers laughed at her.

“Are you kidding me… Talk about going for wool and coming home shorn…”

“That was awesome… I never knew An Xiaxia was this tough…”

“Speaking of which, is her dad really a murderer? She doesn’t look all that guilty to me…”


Mu Li’s eyes were bloodshot red. She slid the window open again, trying to climb in and hit An Xiaxia.

A pair of big hands grabbed her by the collar and yanked her backwards.

“Get lost.” The succinct order had a murderous air to it.

Mu Li quivered. Looking up, she saw a tall teenager standing there against the light. His chiseled bone structure made him look like a character from the comics.

It was Sheng Yize!

Mu Li straightened her clothes and stared into Sheng Yize’s eyes. “Don’t let An Xiaxia fool you! Her father is a murderer! He’s killed someone! Aren’t you afraid that your reputation will be ruined if you go out with her?”

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow and smiled. “And what are you exactly? Who are you to point your finger at An Xiaxia?”

She had used those words to taunt An Xiaxia the other day on the rooftop. Never did she expect someone to throw them back at her so fast!

Mu Li’s face was ghastly pale. Just then, Sheng Yize shifted to one side. Behind him, Qi Yanxi had been standing there for a while, and was having a hard time controlling himself.

Boom —

Mu Li couldn’t stop shivering. Qi Yanxi grabbed her collar and promptly dragged her away!