Chapter 61: Friendship Is Easily Wrecked

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The corner of An Xiaxia’s mouth twitched.

“Hey! That’s a personal attack! Why does that have anything to do with you?” An Xiaxia retorted.

Jian Xin’er snorted. The incident with An Yibei last time was still fresh in her memory so she didn’t dare make a big scene and could only stare at An Xiaxia maliciously.

Sheng Yize said in an unhurried tone, “How is she an idiot?”

“Of course she is! She’s just a specialized student!” Jian Xin’er said indignantly.

Sheng Yize chuckled. “But I think she’s smart.”

Jian Xin’er’s eyes popped out.

Others chimed in right away. “That’s right. I don’t think she’s dumb. Specialized students don’t have things handed to them on a plate, OK? Apart from their specialties, they have to pass the general knowledge exams to get into Qixia…”

Kang Jian leapt out of his seat and bellowed, “Of course! Our Xiaxia is the cleverest girl in the world! She’s my wi–” Before he could finish that last word, he was dragged off by Su Xiaomo and got his ass kicked.

Seeing that she was backed by so many people, An Xiaxia felt her confidence rising. Lifting her chin, she stared back at Jian Xin’er.

Returning angrily to her seat with the exercise book rolled up, Jian Xin’er smacked the book loudly on her desk.

He Jiayu pursed his lips and smiled. He had never known Sheng Yize to be this overprotective.

That smile was caught by Su Xiaomo, who was quarreling noisily with Kang Jian. She then let go of Kang Jian’s collar and went up to He Jiayu shyly with a bottle of water.

“It’s been quite dry lately. Have some water.” Unlike her usual tough self, Su Xiaomo was now talking like the most gentle lady.

An Xiaxia and Kang Jian watched this with open mouths.

He Jiayu smiled politely and took the bottle. “Thank you.”

He knew this young woman as An Xiaxia’s good friend.

Su Xiaomo gave him a bashful smile and a little timid bump like she saw in TV dramas. “You’re welcome!”

Caught by surprise, He Jiayu was knocked to the ground with a thump.

A strange silence fell over the classroom.

An Xiaxia smacked her own forehead, Su Xiaomo produced a forced smile, and even He Jiayu, who was always so ready with a warm smile, looked a little astonished.

How could any woman be so unbelievably strong? Ahem… he thought he was going to get internal bleeding or something.

“I’m… I’m so sorry…” stammered Su Xiaomo. He Jiayu rose to his feet and gave Su Xiaomo a smile. “Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t sitting properly.”

There, he casually gave her a way out.

The gentler he was, the more embarrassed Su Xiaomo felt. She abandoned all her attempts to hit on him and returned to her seat and buried her face in her hands.

An Xiaxia was having a hard time holding back her laughter. Sheng Yize gave her a sideways glance and said in a low voice, “Dummy, have you finished your exercise?”

An Xiaxia said grumpily, “Didn’t you just say I’m smart?”

“And you bought that?”

“Friendship is easily wrecked…” An Xiaxia said sadly.

Sheng Yize got grumpier.

This girl… only thought of him as a friend?

She was indeed an idiot!

The An family.

An Xiaxia received a phone call from Xiao Yan during dinner.

After lengthy and mutual small talk, the young man finally asked carefully, “Xiaxia, do you have time this weekend? Shall we go see a movie together?”

An Xiaxia’s phone was a little leaky and everyone at the table could hear the conversation as they received this piece of information with different looks on their faces.

An Yibei whispered, “Someone actually fell for Xiaxia? He must be blind!”

Sheng Yize ate his rice as if he was counting the grains; a thunderstorm was gathering over his head.

He Jiayu patted Sheng Yize on the shoulder and chuckled quietly.