Chapter 610: Break Up With Him (2)

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Fine, she admitted it. She had given a little push…

But how did Sheng Yize know about that?

He had to be bluffing… As long as she didn’t admit it, it would be fine.

At that thought, Li Fanxing’s voice grew calmer. “Sheng Yize, get your facts straight! The police took her dad away and the family of the doctor who killed himself sued him! Plus, the one who poured water over her was her own friend! Where do I come into the picture? I used to have enough evidence to bring her dad to court and I only let the case drop out of consideration for you! Stop thinking of me as the villain!”

Sheng Yize chuckled quietly, but the sound reminded Li Fanxing of a venomous snake. Her hand trembled.

After hanging up, Li Fanxing realized that her back was soaked in cold sweat…

Sheng Yize stayed with An Xiaxia while she slept through the morning. After that, he asked the teacher for sick leave and sent An Xiaxia back home.

“Just stay put. I’ll go to my old family home and look for my grandpa to pull some strings. All you need to do now is sleep well and don’t wake up until tomorrow morning. After that, your dad will be back. Alright?”

Although she knew perfectly well that he was only saying this to make her feel better, An Xiaxia still played along and nodded.


Sheng Yize soon left and An Xiaxia had to force herself to sleep.

Her head was in a mess. Nightmares kept coming and she kept waking up. It was a stressful and painful sleep…

When she woke up again, it was well into the night.

A dark shadow stood by her bed.

“Hm…” An Xiaxia was startled. Fortunately, that shadow announced itself immediately. “It’s me.”

It was An Yibei.

An Xiaxia let out a sigh of relief. “How did it go? Where’s dad?”

An Yibei didn’t speak for a long while. He then asked in a half-joking tone, “Xiaxia, what would you say if I asked you to break up with Sheng Yize?”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia was confused. How did that have anything to do with her dad’s case?

“We can move to a small city… open a small shop, grow plants, bask in the sun… No one will know us there and we can live a normal and pleasant life all over again. What do you say…” An Yibei sounded like he was sleep talking, which made An Xiaxia anxious. “Brother, what’s wrong? I thought Sheng Yize said he was going to ask Grandpa Sheng for help?”

“But the evidence that dad killed someone back then is irrefutable…” An Yibei no longer sounded as calm as he always was. “No matter how powerful the Sheng family is, they can’t rise above the law. There are only two ways out for us. One is to forge a report, claiming that dad has a mental disease. Or we’ll have to falsify a claim that dad died in custody and replace him with a corpse…”

An Xiaxia’s breathing turned shallow. “We’ll do whatever it takes to get him out…”

“But I’m a lawyer. Are you asking me to knowingly break the law? Or do you want dad to live the rest of his life in disgrace?” An Yibei smiled sarcastically.

He had been about to act as the defense lawyer this time, but the court had denied his request on the grounds that he and Papa An were related.

He then gave the job to his most trustworthy friend. However, that person had sold him out at the last moment for money… Not only didn’t he defend Papa An, he made the case worse for him…

An Yibei was really desperate.

“But what does any of that have anything to do with my relationship with Sheng Yize?” An Xiaxia’s head hurt so much that she thought it was going to explode.

“The family of that doctor was bought. They said they’ll drop the case if you break up with Sheng Yize…” An Yibei caressed An Xiaxia’s cheek with his cold fingertips. “I’m sorry… I’m a useless brother…”