Chapter 614: Marry Me (2)

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An Xiaxia struggled to sit up. “I want to go, too…”

Sheng Yize gave her butt a little pat and pulled her back. “I’ve done you such a great favor. Keeping me company in bed should be your priority now.”

In fact, he didn’t want An Xiaxia to go to the detention center. Although he had pulled some strings so that Papa An would have a relatively comfortable stay there, it still wouldn’t be a pleasant scene. She would still be upset to see her dad locked up.

“But I’m worried about Dad…” An Xiaxia said in a frustrated voice, wrapped in his arms. She looked up suddenly. “My brother made it sound so bad yesterday when he got back and I thought dad was going to prison for sure. But how did you know right away that… he’s going to be released?”

“Because you’re a dummy and I’m brilliant,” Sheng Yize said with a smile. An Xiaxia had no idea what he was talking about and pouted. “Fine, don’t tell me!”

“Tsk, tsk… Are you giving me attitude now, you heartless woman?” Do you know what I did last night? Hmph! If you did, you’d love me even more!

The tsundere admired himself inwardly while his hands were busy caressing his little girlfriend.

Her belly used to be plump once, but had become flat now. Sheng Yize gave it a little squeeze, then said in a sorry tone, “I liked it better when you were chubbier. Have you been skipping meals these days?”

With what was going on, An Xiaxia was in no mood for food. She drew circles on his chest and mumbled, “Liar… I’m sure you’ll say I’m ugly if I really put on weight!”

“Why would I?” Sheng Yize opened his eyes and smiled broadly. “You’re not that good-looking to begin with.”

An Xiaxia: …?!

Could she break up with him now? What sort of boyfriend started the day by telling his girlfriend that she wasn’t pretty?

Vexed, An Xiaxia bit him on his arm, which Sheng Yize didn’t look like he minded at all. He chuckled. “You haven’t washed your face or brushed your hair… And there’s gunk in your eyes. What else can I say about you?”

Pffft — An Xiaxia swore she was getting a stroke. Annoyed, she gave him a little punch, then ran off to wash her face.

Sheng Yize raised his arm. On the back of one hand were the faint teeth marks his girl had left behind.

It seemed that he was… really obsessed with her.

Regardless of what he said about her appearance, deep down, he actually found An Xiaxia really lovely…

Well, what they said had to be true. “Beauty lies in the eyes of a lover.”

He was genuinely delighted.

An Xiaxia shrieked as soon as she walked out of the bathroom.

“Gosh! What are you doing? Put on your clothes!” An Xiaxia hopped around and blushed.

Sheng Yize had taken his top off and was sitting casually on her bed, bare-chested. He blinked at her innocently. “It’s all creased. I don’t want to wear it.”

He pointed at the crumpled shirt on the floor.

An Xiaxia felt like fainting. Do you have to show off your six-pack and Apollo’s belt like this?!

When she accidentally glanced at him, An Xiaxia was so bashful that she could feel smoke coming out of the top of her head.

Sheng Yize might look slim with his clothes on, but once he took them off, he turned out to be quite muscular, though not overtly so. His body looked powerful and flexible, slender but not weak. His distinctive six-pack was so tempting…

An Xiaxia cleared her throat. One more look and she was going to have a nosebleed!

She went up to him and handed him her pink blanket. “Cover… cover yourself up!”

“Nope.” He refused.

He shifted and An Xiaxia accidentally touched his chest. She was utterly embarrassed. “You’re shameless!”

Sheng Yize eyed her suspiciously. “But you’re the one who keeps staring at me. And your wicked little hand just touched my…”