Chapter 615: Marry Me (3)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I… I didn’t!”

“Yes, you did. Just admit that you want to touch it. It’s not like I’m going to stop you,” Sheng Yize said matter-of-factly.

For the first time ever, An Xiaxia didn’t know what to do with Sheng Yize.

A roguish idol was much worse than a civilized one!

She turned around and couldn’t flee the room quickly enough. “I’ll go get you some clothes!”

She almost tripped at the doorway, which amused Sheng Yize greatly.

Uh huh~ Dummy~ Little dummy~

An Xiaxia searched through the house and finally found the jacket he had lent her the other day and a pair of An Yibei’s slacks. She then returned to her room, still blushing.

Luckily, she hadn’t seen anything stimulating this time. However… the scene had turned too adorable!

Sheng Yize sat there staring blankly into space with that pink Hello Kitty blanket over his head. When he blinked, An Xiaxia began to get butterflies in her stomach…

“Ahem! Put these on! No acting cute now! You’re too good-looking for that!” Her heart was racing so much that she thought she was going to have a heart attack.

Sheng Yize looked at the clothes in disdain. “They don’t match at all.”

An Xiaxia couldn’t help but kick him. “You ask for too much!”

After that, Sheng Yize put on the clothes with an aggrieved face. Despite the weird mix-and-match, the clothes looked better on him than on a model.

“I hate tall and beautiful people like you…” An Xiaxia said enviously.

She had always wanted to wear something more mature and sophisticated. However, because of her height, that could only be a dream.

“Little short legs.” Sheng Yize snickered. After teasing her for a while, he picked up on sounds from downstairs and smiled. “I think Uncle An and Brother An are back.”

An Xiaxia was dazed for two seconds. She then spun around and ran down the stairs.

Outside, the morning sun was shining brilliantly.

Despite his haggard face, the smile on Papa An’s face remained as kind and amiable as ever. He grinned at the teary An Xiaxia, who stood there with a stupefied look, and teased her, “What? Don’t you recognize your own father?”

An Xiaxia ignored the tears running down her cheeks and threw herself into his arms.

Papa An cried out, “Ouch, watch my back! You crybaby. You’ll have to buy me ointment.” However, he never stopped hugging An Xiaxia.

“There, there. I’m back. Don’t be afraid.” He patted An Xiaxia on her back.

Watching them from the stairs, Sheng Yize felt a sense of relief.

All his efforts had been worth it. An Xiaxia was back with her family.

It felt so good.

An Yibei narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Are you going to explain what happened this morning?”

Sheng Yize rubbed his nose, the smile on his face scheming and crooked. He went up to them, pulled An Xiaxia into his arms, wiped her tears with his sleeve, and said casually, “As a matter of fact, Brother An, you guessed right. I did spend last night in Xiaxia’s bed.”

Both Papa An and An Yibei looked horrified.

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide. “What are you talking about?!” Don’t put it in such a misleading way!

However, misleading was exactly what Sheng Yize was going for. He held An Xiaxia’s face in his hands and put on a show of affection. “Last night, I couldn’t get an idea out of my head, which kept me tossing and turning in bed. A girl like Xiaxia is worth cherishing and protecting…”

An Yibei couldn’t take it anymore. “Speak English!”

The look on Sheng Yize’s face turned serious right away. He bowed at Papa An and said “Dad!”, then nodded at An Yibei. “Brother~”

The three members of the An family were speechless.