Chapter 62: What Do You Think of That Young Man?

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An Xiaxia rolled her eyes at An Yibei and answered Xiao Yan in a serious tone, “Sorry, I can’t go with you. I have revision to do!”

She hung up after that.

Only then did she realize that the people around the table were watching her with even stranger looks on their faces.

An Xiaxia finished her dinner in a hurry. She then ignored her favorite variety show, rose to her feet, and announced earnestly, “I’m going to study now! Don’t disturb me!”

Another hush fell over the table.

An Yibei said with a straight face, “Dad, you should run a test on Xiaxia. I think something’s wrong with her head!”

“Hey! You’re the one going nuts!” An Xiaxia pursed her lips. “What’s wrong with me wanting to study?”

“Hearing those words from you means that whatever you have is already beyond curing.” An Yibei successfully scored a critical hit with his sarcastic remark.

Clutching at her chest with her hands, An Xiaxia returned to her room.

Papa An smiled amiably. “I see Xiaxia is much more sensible now.”

Sheng Yize put down his bowl. “I’ll be her tutor.”

“Yize, I’m putting my Xiaxia in your hands!” Papa An thanked him wholeheartedly, and Sheng Yize pursed his lips and strode into An Xiaxia’s room.

He sat down by An Xiaxia and asked her with an indifferent tone while she was doing her problems, “What do you think of that boy today?”

“What boy?” An Xiaxia looked confused.

“The one who asked you out to a movie.”

“Oh… pretty nice. He’s good-looking, good-tempered, and I heard he’s got good grades as well. I think he’s also the president of the student union…” An Xiaxia listed Xiao Yan’s merits as she counted them on her fingers.

When she looked up again, she saw that Sheng Yize’s face was darker than a rainstorm.

“You look awful. Are you sick?” An Xiaxia reached for his forehead, trying to see if he had a fever.

Sheng Yize swept her hand away with a straight face. “Go back to your studies.”

An Xiaxia snorted and returned indignantly to her exercises.

Through Sheng Yize’s devoted tutoring and An Xiaxia’s own efforts, her grades showed great improvement in the next two mock quizzes.

It was soon the day of the exam.

Papa An prepared a nice breakfast for everyone. While Sheng Yize and the others sat down and ate quietly, An Xiaxia rushed out of her bedroom in a flurry.

“Overslept again?” sneered An Yibei.

An Xiaxia couldn’t be bothered to banter with him. Taking out her phone, she put it on the table, then smacked her palms together as she started to mutter some unintelligible words.

Sheng Yize was sitting the closest to her and he darted a look at her phone. One corner of his mouth twitched.

She was paying respect to every famous figure, from Confucius and Mencius all the way to Newton. There was even a picture of Rong Che among all those people!

“Superstition is useless,” said Sheng Yize in a disdainful tone.

An Xiaxia smiled her fangirl smile. “It’s not. My Rong Che oppa will bless me!”

Sheng Yize gave her a nonchalant look.

They were running a little late, so An Xiaxia rode with Sheng Yize and the other two to school.

An Xiaxia got off first outside school and gestured at them. “I’ll go in first. You guys wait for a couple of minutes out here.”

He Jiayu smiled gently. “All right.”

However, he acutely sensed the person next to him move — Sheng Yize got out and went after that figure in large strides.

That was…

Shaking his head, He Jiayu got out as well. Just then, someone smacked him hard on the back. “Hey, He Jiayu!”

Pfft —

He Jiayu fought back his impulse to cough and could sense himself breaking into a cold sweat when he turned around and was met with Su Xiaomo’s bright smile.