Chapter 621: You’re Actually Blushing!

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With her eyes covered, her other senses had become more acute.

She didn’t miss a syllable of his proposal.

An Xiaxia froze. Despite the exploding fireworks, her head seemed to have gone blank. It was so sweet that she felt like bubbles were rising and floating all around her.

She opened her mouth, about to say something, but Sheng Yize stopped her with a kiss.

After much snuggling, he finally said in a childish tone, “You can’t say no!”

An Xiaxia didn’t know what to say, She then removed the tie from her eyes.

In the flickering light of the resplendent fireworks, she realized that Sheng Yize was… blushing!


Him! Blushing!

An Xiaxia couldn’t help but grin. “Sheng Yize, I didn’t know you could actually blush!”

Sheng Yize looked away. “Nonsense, heh…”

However, he then saw his reflection in the glass window of the compartment.


He was actually blushing!

Sheng Yize looked disturbed now. Beside him, An Xiaxia laughed until her sides split.

Outside, countless fireworks blossomed in the dark blue sky, creating a real feast for the eyes. They looked like flowing flames that were going to light up every corner of the world.

When An Xiaxia finally stopped laughing, she raised her hand to her eyes and stared at the ring on her finger.

Pretty small diamonds were arranged in the shape of a heart around a tiny stone which was cut from the same material as the pendant on the necklace he had given her last time.

A meteorite.

A star from the sky.

A star and a heart.

So, this was the surprise he had prepared for her.

In the parking lot of the amusement park, a few teenagers stood around a red Lamborghini.

“Haha, the timing of my fireworks is perfect!” Chi Yuanfeng guffawed with his hands on his waist.

Qi Yanxi reminded him suddenly, “Why are you so happy? If his proposal works, Xiaxia will marry him one day!”

Only then did Chi Yuanfeng realize this and his pretty face puckered up immediately.


“Idiot!” Qi Yanxi commented in an aloof manner.

This was the first time he had ever met someone goofier than himself and it actually felt pretty awesome!

Beside them, Su Xiaomo couldn’t stop grinning at the splendid fireworks.

“This is so romantic! I’m sure Xiaxia will like it!”

A pair of big hands pulled her closer. Under the flickering light of the fireworks, she could see orange dots dance in He Jiayu’s black eyes. “How about you? Do you like it?”

Su Xiaomo squirmed a little, then nodded affirmatively. “I like it, too!”

“We’ll have more in the future for ourselves.” He Jiayu’s smile reminded her of a gentle spring breeze.


Qi Yanxi and Chi Yuanfeng watched in resentment as the couple played lovey-dovey.

Damn you! This isn’t healthy for single people at all! Sooner or later, we’ll set off torches and burn all you cuddling couples! Wait and see!

Su Xiaomo suddenly freed herself from He Jiayu’s arms and grabbed a few cans of beer from the car. “Come! Let’s celebrate!”

The four of them each opened a can and clinked them together. He Jiayu said, “Don’t drink too much.”

Qi Yanxi and Chi Yuanfeng rolled their eyes and went to drink their beer on the other side.

They just kept drinking. In the end, Chi Yuanfeng and Qi Yanxi cried in each other’s arms, with one wailing “darling, don’t leave me!” and the other replying “til death do us part!”

He Jiayu shook his head in resignation. Turning around, he saw that his tough girlfriend, who claimed that she would never get drunk, was inebriated as well…

She pounced on him with a pout. “Kiss kiss!”

He Jiayu gave her a peck on her lips. “There, let me take you back.”

Before he could say another word, Su Xiaomo pried his teeth open with her tongue, then with a “retch,” she threw up in his mouth…

After that… He Jiayu threw up, too…