Chapter 624: You Reap What You Sow (1)

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An Yibei frowned, but didn’t say anything. He then led her inside.

The central heating had been turned on. An Xiaxia cried quietly on the sofa while Papa An cooked dinner and An Yibei made milk tea for her.

They made her eat after the food was ready. An Yibei then gestured for Papa An to leave, crossed his long legs, and asked, “Why do you want to move?”

An Xiaxia said, “I broke up with Sheng Yize.”

“That’s it? So do we have to move again if you break up with some other guy next time?” An Yibei remained level-headed, thinking that An Xiaxia’s reaction was just a whimsical thing.

An Xiaxia was tormented by the fact that she couldn’t tell him the truth.

On her way back home, she had even thought, why did she have to have a family?

If she didn’t have one, nothing could be used to threaten her…

She then realized what a horrible idea that was. Deep down, her family was still the most important thing to her.

She wouldn’t risk it for anything.

If something really happened to any of her family members because of her, she could never be happy with Sheng Yize.

“Did you have a fight? You’ll forget all about this after he comes over and woos you back.” An Yibei took out his phone. “Your old violin teacher actually just contacted me and invited you to stay with her. I’ll book you a ticket. Go abroad and take a break.”

He was a man of action. A couple of minutes later, the ticket was booked and he moved on to packing a bag for An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia: “…”

Three days later, An Yibei drove her to the airport himself and rushed her inside.

An Xiaxia was haggard and dispirited, and felt too tired to even argue.

Sheng Yize hadn’t called her once since that day and she knew that it was really over between them.

However, that was obviously not what An Yibei thought. He still assumed it was just another lovers’ quarrel between the couple.

The plane rose into the clouds and the view outside the window changed. Exhausted, An Xiaxia closed her eyes.

When she woke up again, the plane had landed in the airport at Country F.

Because of the time difference, An Xiaxia had left Yu City in the morning and when she arrived here, it was still morning. She was having difficulty adjusting to it.

“Hey, Xiaxia!” A black-haired woman in a red dress waved at An Xiaxia, then went up to her and held her by her arm. “Did you have a nice trip? Honey, you look awful!”

It was An Xiaxia’s violin teacher, Yin Ruge. At 24, she was a typical oriental beauty and a famous violinist.

Back when she had taught An Xiaxia, she and An Yibei had started a relationship… However, both were no-nonsense people and they had broken up immediately after they realized that they weren’t right for each other, which had put An Xiaxia in an awkward position for a long time.

“Sister Ruge…” An Xiaxia smiled. “It’s been a while.”

Yin Ruge pinched her cheek and commented, “You’ve lost weight. You don’t feel as nice to touch as before.”

Why did everyone like to pinch her cheek — a certain guy included?

An Xiaxia paused at that thought, then tried her best to wipe Sheng Yize from her mind.

Yin Ruge showed An Xiaxia around for two days, then took her shopping and bought her a dress.

“I’m taking you to a birthday party. It’ll be fun. It’s held on a yacht.” Yin Ruge made it sound quite mysterious.

That night, Yin Ruge drove her to a beach, then boarded a luxurious yacht for an invitation-only event.

“There! It’s her birthday party! Song Qingwan!”

An Xiaxia followed her gaze and was shocked.

Wasn’t that… Song Qingchen? When did she change her name?