Chapter 627: You Reap What You Sow (4)

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Mr. Song was dazed for a moment as remorse overwhelmed him…

How could he have forgotten that both An Xiaxia’s foster mother and biological mother had passed away…

But he was simply too angry. In his mind, An Xiaxia must have said something to Yin Qinghan, making him push Song Qingwan into the sea!

It could have killed her!

“Xiaxia…” Mr. Song sighed. “Just admit what you did. I’m willing to forgive you as long as you apologize to Qingwan sincerely.”

An Xiaxia was shocked by this stupid Father Teresa. How could he just take that for granted?

“I’ve done nothing wrong. Why should I apologize?”

Mr. Song was vexed. “How can you… You!”

An Xiaxia didn’t want to say another word to him. Lifting the lower hem of her dress off the floor, she got ready to leave.

“Stop right there!” Mr. Song shouted.

An Xiaxia had had enough. She turned back and slowly marched toward Mr. Song.

They stood over a desk across from each other, and she slammed her palm down on it. “Are you ever going to stop? Are you paranoid or what?! Your daughter is the one that wouldn’t stop nagging me, not the other way round! I’ve done nothing, why am I the scapegoat? Don’t you have surveillance cameras on the yacht? Can you at least check the video footage first and get your facts straight before you question me?!”

After so many years working as a commanding figure in the business world, no one dared to raise their voice at him. An Xiaxia’s sudden tantrum left him bewildered.

An Xiaxia was so angry that she puffed up her cheeks. Just then, there were a few crackling sounds.

She looked at the table, frightened. Had she achieved some amazing martial arts move without realizing it and broken this table with a smack?

Oh god! That looked like a very expensive table… Would she be able to afford the damages?

However, what happened next shocked her.

The table wasn’t broken, but… some gadget had been triggered. The transparent glass window was replaced by a painting which slid down from above.

The exquisite painting was almost as vivid as a picture. On it was a graceful and classic beauty. She had a bright smile and a stunning face.

What was so frightening about it was that the woman looked so much like An Xiaxia…

Shit! Was this Mr. Song a pervert? Why did he have a painting of her?!

An Xiaxia almost lashed out, but she stopped herself at the last moment!

No… it wasn’t her in that painting, but Zhong Yue…

Her mother…

But why would Mr. Song have a portrait of her mother? Not to mention that it had been stashed away in such a secret place.

Could it be that instead of looking at the sea, Mr. Song had actually been staring at this painting all this time?

An Xiaxia felt the hair on her back stand up at that thought. It make her stomach turn.

“Why… why do you have a painting of my mother?” An Xiaxia struggled to ask that question. The color in Mr. Song’s face changed at those words. He pressed some hidden button again and the painting rose out of sight.

He hit the intercom button. “Get someone in here!”

A moment later, a few bodyguards in black suits rushed in and greeted him with diffidence. “Yes, Mr. Song!”

“Get her out of here!” Mr. Song was no longer his usual genteel self and rudely told the bodyguards to take her away.

An Xiaxia wanted to ask something else, but her mouth was covered. She could only stare as she was dragged further and further away from Mr. Song…

With everything that had happened, Song Qingwan’s birthday party had turned into a fiasco. When the bodyguards took An Xiaxia out, quite a few guests had already left.

Yin Ruge hurried toward her. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing? Let go of her!”

The bodyguards released An Xiaxia as told. Her face was ghastly pale as she held onto Yin Ruge. “Sister Ruge, I need my phone… I have to call my brother…”