Chapter 629: Thank You for Letting Me Down (2)
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The boy was the only one laughing, and a moment later, he finally realized something wasn’t right. Looking around, he felt like slapping himself!

You big mouth!

“Brother Ze… I – I was only joking… Heh.”

“Was it funny?” Sheng Yize’s black eyes seemed to be smiling. The boy swallowed. “It wasn’t… I’ll drink! Drink!”

He was going to copy the first boy and have three shots when Sheng Yize pushed a dozen bottles toward him.

“You’re going to punish yourself? Be my guest.” The boy cried inwardly at Sheng Yize’s cold tone.

None of the others dared defy Sheng Yize at this point and everyone played dead.

The boy put on a despondent face. After this much alcohol, he would probably wake up in a hospital.

“Guys… call 120 for me later…”

The others nodded solemnly, indicating that they would collect his remains.

Disinterested, Sheng Yize took out his phone. The lock screen was still a photo of him and An Xiaxia. While he kept his expressionless face on, An Xiaxia was smiling brightly at the camera.

He gripped his phone tight.

The breakup this time had happened so suddenly that he refused to believe it was An Xiaxia’s true intention.

Since she wanted to play, he would play along!

Compared with a broken heart, waiting patiently for a few days was nothing!

However, An Xiaxia hadn’t contacted him even once. It didn’t feel like a spur-of-the-moment thing. She seemed determined to leave him for good!

Why? Did she think she could leave him whenever she wanted? Heh, he wouldn’t allow it!

He tapped open Wechat and saw that it was still logged into An Xiaxia’s account.

Several days ago, An Xiaxia had logged in with his phone when her phone ran out of battery. She forgot to log off afterwards and hadn’t used it on her own phone since.

In it, a few close friends asked her about her breakup with Sheng Yize. He tried to find some clue in their words, but there was nothing.

Defeated, he scrolled down. He randomly opened the chat history of someone named “Time Is Like A Song” and saw a few photos.

Sheng Yize’s hand paused and his fingers trembled. He only tapped the photos open after a long moment.

White seagulls dotted the blue sky and a luxurious yacht sailed on the blue sea. The view was remarkable.

In the first photo, a man and a woman stood on the deck of the yacht and the man’s jacket was over the woman’s shoulders.

In the second one, the two of them were looking at each other, probably chatting.

In the third one, the woman had turned to leave, but the man grabbed her shoulder from behind…

Sheng Yize bolted to his feet and kicked the table over. Bottles and plates shattered to pieces on the floor, which made that boy, who was still drinking, shudder.

Chi Yuanfeng asked gingerly, “Brother, what’s wrong?”

“Leave me alone!”

Sheng Yize cursed under his breath and marched out, leaving a roomful of people behind to eye one another in bafflement.

The parking lot.

Sheng Yize ripped his tie off and unbuttoned his shirt, then dialed a number. “Get me An Xiaxia’s whereabouts!”

A message was soon sent to his phone. An Xiaxia was on a morning flight back to the country, which was about an hour away from Yu City Airport.

The look in Sheng Yize’s eyes turned stern. He hit the gas pedal and headed for the airport.

The airport.

An Xiaxia checked her watch. An Yibei had said he was coming to pick her up, but something had come up at the last minute and he had asked her to wait at the airport.

She stared blankly ahead, holding a paper bag in her arms. Suddenly, she heard quick footsteps coming her way and the next second, she was pulled to her feet from the chair. The cold outdoor air wrapped around her. “I thought you’d never come back.”

An Xiaxia jumped. “Sh- Sheng Yize…?”