Chapter 63: The Devil Has Returned! (1)

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“Good morning.” He Jiayu smiled politely. Seeing the meat bun in Su Xiaomo’s hand, he asked amiably, “You haven’t had breakfast yet?”

Su Xiaomo’s face turned scarlet as soon as she saw his smile and the courage she had summoned up to greet him was nowhere to be found. Instead, she felt like the butterflies in her stomach were going to shoot out of her mouth.

“Um… yeah, no, I haven’t… Mhm! Do you want it? There…” She stuffed the bun in He Jiayu’s hand in a flurry and swiftly ran out of sight.

He Jiayu sighed helplessly. Looking at the plump white bun in his hand, he hesitated over whether to eat it or not.

Chi Yuanfeng was the last one to get out. He grabbed the bun out of He Jiayu’s hand in passing, took a bite, and praised, “Wow, this is quite tasty.”

He Jiayu frowned slightly. Somehow, he felt a little sorry that he hadn’t eaten that bun.

With her backpack on her back and her long hair fluttering in the wind, An Xiaxia looked like a beautiful drawing from behind which one didn’t want to miss.

Sheng Yize walked behind her, watching her hair flutter and the hemline of her skirt sway with her movements. He then glanced around and realized that apart from the girls shrieking and crying out at his presence, all the boys were eyeing An Xiaxia.

His face darkened at this. Catching up with An Xiaxia in a few quick strides, he said coldly, “Tie your hair up.”

An Xiaxia was startled by his sudden appearance and stared at him with her bright black pupils. “Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to come in later… hm, stay away from me. I don’t want to become the state enemy of all the girls in school!”

Raising an eyebrow, Sheng Yize suddenly broke into a smile. He then held her by the shoulder affectionately and tugged at her neck in an intimidating voice. “Tie it up!”

An Xiaxia could really use a good cry at this moment. This guy was outrageous! He was now even interfering with her hairstyle!

However, she didn’t dare vent in complaint and had to to look for a rubber band in her backpack to tie her hair with.

The morning sun was shining warmly and the faint fragrance of osmanthus filled the air at school on this late-September morning. Sheng Yize watched as the teenage girl tied her hair up, revealing her exquisite face. Her eyes looked so pure and innocent as she turned to look at him with a sweet smile.

A strange emotion sprouted in his heart and quickly flowed through his body.

He frowned with irritation. Looking around, he saw that even more boys were checking An Xiaxia out.

Damn it… this was worse than having her hair down!

An Xiaxia was still looking up at him and she asked confusedly, “How about now?”

“You look ugly,” commented Sheng Yize against his own will. Fuming, An Xiaxia wished she could bite him!

Hmph! You devil! I’m keeping you on my curse list!

She strode toward the exam room with Sheng Yize trailing behind not too far away.

Neither noticed a mocking smile in a pair of cold dark eyes watching them from an exam room on the second floor.

Long time no see, Sheng Yize.

An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize got to the exam room together. An Xiaxia put her backpack on the storage table outside the room and pushed the door open.

Splash —

A bowl of water balanced on a plank over the door tipped over.

An Xiaxia had no time to react. Luckily, Sheng Yize was behind her and acted quickly. He dragged her into his arms and backed away swiftly.

Badly shaken, An Xiaxia watched the scene in front of her after that loud bang.

There were ice cubes in the water on the floor. One could only imagine how it would feel to have icy cold water poured over them at this time of the year.

An arrogant whistle caught An Xiaxia’s attention. Looking up, she saw a teenage boy with short brown hair and an unruly smile. He asked provokingly, “Do you like my present?”