Chapter 633: Thank You for Letting Me Down (6)

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He felt a little drowsy, but that didn’t stop him from coming up with a plan to deal with An Xiaxia.

Kidnapping? Imprisonment?

She wanted to leave him and he was going to stop her.

Whatever it took.

Even if… she would hate him for it.

Picking up his phone, he made a few calls and left some instructions. A strange ringtone suddenly rang.

“Lalala! I’m Lord Xiaxia, the most handsome in the whole universe! I’m awesome! I’m great! Hahaha!”

That ridiculous tune was a recording An Xiaxia had made one day. He couldn’t bring himself to delete it, so he had set it as a ringtone just for her.

Sheng Yize clutched his phone tightly. All those unrealistic ideas left his head immediately and he only felt weak and helpless.

Would An Xiaxia come back to him if he begged?

He didn’t mind even if she liked someone else. Given enough time, she would eventually be his and his only, body and soul.

He picked it up and An Xiaxia’s soft voice came from the other end. “Do you have time?”

Sheng Yize couldn’t let go of his pride after all. He said in that usual distant and aloof tone, “What?”

“Hm… can we meet?” She sounded quite timid, as if he had frightened her.

He probably had, with what he had done the other day at the airport.

Sheng Yize snorted cockily, then pressed on, as if he couldn’t wait. “When and where?”

He remembered everything An Xiaxia said and was going to leave the house without even changing his clothes.

He hesitated at the doorway and eventually turned around, took a quick shower, and changed into clean clothes.

An Xiaxia didn’t like sloppy guys.

He didn’t want to become the type she disliked.

An Xiaxia had asked to meet at her home.

The coffee shop on the first floor had been closed for a while, but Papa An was a tidy man and kept the place as spotless as ever.

An Xiaxia was staring blankly at the window when Sheng Yize arrived.

He seldom saw such a dispirited expression on her. For as long as he could remember, An Xiaxia had always been a bubbly chatterbox, especially around him. She was boisterous and snuggly, and cosying up to him had been the most natural thing for her.

Some buddy had asked him once if he would find such a girl too noisy.

He had never felt that way.

Instead, he had liked her more than he could imagine.

Walking into the coffee shop, he sat down at the table across from her with an expressionless face, looking very unapproachable.

An Xiaxia smiled at him, then put a cardboard box next to her on the table, trying her best to keep her voice lighthearted. “These are all your things… I thought you might need them.”

The coldness spread from Sheng Yize’s face to the air he was giving out.

An Xiaxia cleared her throat at his reaction. “I think it’s better to let you take care of your personal belongings. Take whatever you need and you can dump the rest.”

“And then? Are you going to ask me for breakup compensation?” Sheng Yize asked in a stern voice, so grim that An Xiaxia almost couldn’t stand his presence.

“If it’s too much trouble, I’ll throw them away for you,” An Xiaxia said with her head lowered, her voice as tiny as a humming mosquito.

Smack —

Sheng Yize’s fist landed forcibly on the table and he rose to his feet.

The look on his face was so terrifying that An Xiaxia cringed. “I’m sorry.”


Did she think she could get rid of him with a “sorry”?

“Do you take me for someone you can just get together and break up with whenever you feel like it? What am I to you?”

“Do you like me?” An Xiaxia replied with a question. Before Sheng Yize could answer, she said, “I don’t like you anymore.”