Chapter 634: Thank You for Letting Me Down (7)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Sheng Yize smirked. “Go on!”

He wanted to see how much more she could hurt him.

“I never liked you that much, but you made me become your girlfriend… We were together long enough, so I grew to like you a bit, but it could have happened with any other guy.” An Xiaxia began to make up her story. “You approached me because I felt familiar, right? That’s because we lived together when we were little. You don’t like me, you’re just used to having me around. Can you tell how much of your feeling toward me is affection and how much is guilt?”

Sheng Yize clenched his fists so tightly that blue veins popped on the back of his hands. However, An Xiaxia was giving her performance of the year and didn’t let anything betray her.

Each word was like a knife stabbing at his heart.

As if that wasn’t enough, she began to sprinkle salt on his wound. “I saved your life, for god’s sake, and you can thank me, at least. But what happened happened and I’ve had enough of my youthful ignorance. You’re too outstanding and dazzling. I’m not good enough for you. I don’t want to hold you back.”

An Xiaxia thought her argument was perfectly reasonable, but Sheng Yize looked even madder.

He smiled grimly. “That’s right. I should thank you!”

Taking out his wallet, he tossed An Xiaxia the whole thing without even opening it.

“The password for all the cards is your birthday! I owe you my life and I’m paying it back with my money now! Don’t ever let me see your face again! Don’t tell me you have some difficulty you can’t speak about! If you don’t tell me now, don’t tell me ever!”

An Xiaxia looked bewildered for a second. She then lowered her head.

No matter how much Sheng Yize liked An Xiaxia, he still had his pride. Staring at An Xiaxia, he realized that she didn’t want to explain herself at all. His breath seemed to clog his chest and he felt so defeated!

Fine! She wanted to play the hard way? He could play along! He had more time than he could spare!

Fearing that he might lose control of himself and accidentally hurt An Xiaxia if he stayed any longer, he grabbed his car key and promptly left.

An Xiaxia opened his wallet, which contained quite a lot of cash and cards.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to simply take the money and flee. Sheng Yize had given her money for breaking up with him, which indicated that he wasn’t a scumbag… An Xiaxia tried to convince herself, but her tears wouldn’t stop falling.

Sheng Yize drove back to his old family home. Grandma Sheng was still carefully planning the engagement party and he had to find an excuse to cancel it, or the old lady would be embarrassed when the time came.

He had just arrived at the Sheng family home when an SUV turned around a corner unnaturally fast. It crashed right into Sheng Yize’s car.

It had come from such a short distance away that Sheng Yize didn’t have time to dodge. The airbag popped out, but he still had blood all over his face. Everything then went dark and he passed out.

In the SUV, the driver asked anxiously, “Miss… We didn’t kill him, did we?”

“Don’t worry. He’ll live.” Li Fanxing dialed 120 calmly. The smile on her face was eerie and malicious.

Meanwhile, at the An family home.

The moving company truck was packed full. While Papa An and An Yibei checked the inventory, An Xiaxia moved all her potted plants to a box for easy transportation.

The only thing left on her windowsill was a pot without any flowers.

The pink ceramic pot had a sunflower seed in it.

Would it sprout when spring came?

Would it bear seeds when autumn arrived?

She hoped it would.

Sunflowers, the flowers of the sun.

They grew toward the warmth and strove to survive.

Sitting in the car, An Xiaxia felt that the farce of the past few days was like a neverending nightmare.

If it really was a dream, she wanted to stay in it forever.