Chapter 635: Thank You for Letting Me Down (8)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Sheng Yize regained consciousness that same night.

Grandpa and Grandma Sheng were sitting on the sofa in the ward. They rushed to his side as soon as they saw him wake up.

“My little one, how do you feel? Doctor… get a doctor in here!”

His black eyelashes batted and Sheng Yize shook his head. “I’m fine.”

Li Fanxing cried prettily on the side. “I’m so sorry… My driver was driving too fast and he didn’t horn. That’s why we crashed into Yize’s car… Grandma, grandpa, beat me or excoriate me for what I did. I’m truly sorry…”

Grandma Sheng said mildly, “That’s ok, Fanxing. Don’t cry. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. Yize is fine now, isn’t he? You really shouldn’t blame yourself.”

“Thank you, grandma.” Li Fanxing wiped the corners of her eyes and was very pleased with herself. I’m sorry, but I actually did do it on purpose.

They were still talking when the door was slammed open and someone rushed into the room. Chi Yuanfeng removed his sunglasses and mask, then threw himself at the bed, looking very agitated. “Brother, how are you doing? I’ve been wondering why you didn’t pick up your phone. Xiaxia’s moving away! Why didn’t you stop her?!”

Li Fanxing’s eyes darted around and she smiled gracefully, looking completely harmless.

Sheng Yize asked calmly, “Who’s Xiaxia?”

Chi Yuanfeng was baffled. “An Xiaxia! Brother, she’s your girlfriend!”

“Do I have a girlfriend?” Sheng Yize retorted in an indifferent tone.

Chi Yuanfeng looked dazed. “Hm… This isn’t happening. Do you know who I am?”

“Chi Yuanfeng.”

“Then do you remember Brother Jiayu, Sis Ke, Qi Yanxi, and the others?”


The roomful of people looked as if they had been struck by lightning. Grandma Sheng grabbed Grandpa Sheng’s arm and asked, “Um… Hon, has the little one lost his memory?”

Grandpa Sheng had been there himself. He calmly summoned the doctor, who did a thorough examination of Sheng Yize.

Afterwards, the doctor looked through the test results and mumbled, “Everything looks fine…”

“Doctor, how’s my little one?” Grandma Sheng felt like her heart was in her throat.

The doctor adjusted his glasses and tried to bluff this way through it. “Well… Amnesia is quite common in patients that have suffered a blow to the head. However, the condition and the duration of the memory loss differ in each case. Young Master Sheng isn’t the first patient I’ve had who has forgotten about one particular person… It’s possible that this person greatly agitated Young Master Sheng and that’s why…”

“Nonsense! Little Xiaxia and my grandson love each other so much! My little one would never forget her!” Grandma Sheng glowered.

The doctor flinched. “Mrs Sheng, please calm down.”

“Help! The patient’s gone!” A female carer rushed in, almost in tears. “Young Master Sheng’s ward was empty when the doctors were doing the rounds…”

Grandma Sheng nearly fainted at those words. Grandpa Sheng caught her in time and asked the carer to take her to lie down.

A brooding look flickered in eyes surrounded by wrinkles.

Hm, he knew his grandson better than anyone else.

That girl was engraved on his heart, and he would remember her for as long as he lived.

Ye City.

An Yibei was very generous. He bought a flat in the best district in the city center, where the air was fresh and transportation was convenient. It was an ideal place to live.

While the moving company was busy carrying their stuff in, An Xiaxia sat on a swing and stared blankly into the air, lost in her thoughts.

Little did she know that as she was savoring the view, someone was savoring her.

She looked up and spotted an Audi in surprise.

It looked quite familiar, so An Xiaxia darted a few more looks at it. However, the car then started and drove away