Chapter 637: Thank You for Letting Me Down (10)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The handsome teenager stared at those words with an impassive face.

He saw An Xiaxia’s finger turn red from the cold air, and she then stuck her hand back inside her pocket. Her eyes reminded him of stars, and were as bright as the first time he had met her.

The driver couldn’t take it anymore. He said quietly, “Young Master…”

Sheng Yize’s hand was already on the door handle when he suddenly stopped.

Someone patted An Xiaxia on the shoulder. Confused, she turned around and a pair of hands squeezed the furry ball on the top of her hat. “Hi, long time no see.”

“Huh? Yin Qinghan?”

Yin Qinghan looked tired. “Are you eating here? Let’s go in. I’m starving.”

Before An Xiaxia could refuse, he dragged her back into the restaurant.

After they sat down, An Xiaxia looked out the window and saw that the Audi was gone.

It was as if it had never been there in the first place.

“Why are you here?” An Xiaxia was bemused.

Yin Qinghan swallowed hungrily. He greeted Papa An and An Yibei before saying, “Mr. Song found out your whereabouts and sent me here to apologize. He checked the surveillance concerning that incident and realized that he’d wronged you.”

An Xiaxia smirked inwardly. That was so Mr. Song’s style. Fixing it after the damage was already done? She didn’t think so!

“Why didn’t he come himself if he wanted to say sorry?” An Xiaxia rolled her eyes.

Yin Qinghan pursed his lips, then handed her a very large box.

Judging from the shape, An Xiaxia knew it was a violin.

She opened it, and from its appearance alone, An Xiaxia knew that it was an expensive piece.

“What’s this…”

“A gift from him. It’s a handmade violin from a famous manufacturer in Country F. You should take it. Only with a good instrument like this will you be my worthy opponent,” Yin Qinghan said earnestly. An Yibei, who had kept his silence until then, snorted. “Take it away!”

Yin Qinghan looked like he had question marks written all over his forehead as he said in disbelief, “This is a very expensive violin — worth six or seven figures at least… And it was from a famous maker. The timbre is excellent…”

“I can’t take it.” An Xiaxia turned him down. “Please take it back to him.”

Yin Qinghan was speechless. “Are you going to compete with me with that shabby violin of yours that’s only worth several thousand?”

An Xiaxia didn’t know what to say. Several thousand was a shabby violin?! Rich kids indeed lived in a different world…

He then grabbed An Xiaxia’s arm. “I need to tell you something.”

An Yibei’s face went dark and he considered throwing the kid out. An Xiaxia interrupted immediately. “Brother, we’re good friends! Buddies!”

“Do you seriously think I’m going to believe that you two are just friends?” An Yibei snapped. Did they take him for an idiot?

Yin Qinghan then make a shocking statement. “Well, if you don’t believe in our friendship, you can at least trust my sexual orientation.”

The glib An Yibei… fell silent.

Yin Qinghan calmly led An Xiaxia, whose mouth was still agape, out of the restaurant and waved his hand in front of her face. “Hey, you alright?”

An Xiaxia shuddered in the cold wind. “Your… sexual orientation?”

“That’s right. I’m into guys. Can’t you tell?” Yin Qinghan gave her an “are you an idiot” look.

An Xiaxia stammered. “But, but aren’t you… and that, that Song Qingwan…”

“I’m doing it for my family.” Yin Qinghan shrugged. “Is it that big a deal? I thought you’d be quite open about such things.”

An Xiaxia chuckled awkwardly. She was into the yaoi staff when ACG 1 was concerned. But in real life… it still felt strange to be told so…

“Alright, that’s not important,” Yin Qinghan said indifferently. “Keep your distance from Mr. Song. I keep feeling that he was… quite weird toward you…”