Chapter 638: Thank You for Letting Me Down (11)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Huh? How so?” An Xiaxia was surprised.

So it wasn’t just in her head. Mr. Song was indeed weird.

Yin Qinghan rubbed her head. “Maybe you two knew each other from before? Anyway, he seems to have this love-hate feeling toward you. According to my family, Mr. Song might seem like a genteel and civilized man, but he actually has a strange temperament. The rumor is that he had a propensity for violence when he was young… With a person like that, all is fine when he likes you, but when he doesn’t…”

An Xiaxia nodded. “I see. Thank you.”

“Well… Bye bye. I’ll see you in the next competition!” Yin Qinghan waved at her. He then summoned his driver and headed back to Yu City.

An Xiaxia went back to her new home and finally fell asleep after tossing and turning in bed for the better part of the night.

What she didn’t know was that according to some rumor, Young Master Yin had been stopped at the highway exit and beaten to a pulp. The attacker was quick, accurate, and relentless. It was said that the young master was almost killed.

Early the next morning, Grandpa Sheng was told that Sheng Yize was back in his ward again.

He entered the room with his walking stick. Grandfather and grandson stared at each other awkwardly for a long while before the old man said in vexation, “No more capricious actions! You’re not recovered yet and you’re not going anywhere!”

Sheng Yize put on a pitiful face, huddled under the blanket, and turned to face the other side without a word.

Grandpa Sheng loved his grandson dearly and he softened up as soon as he saw him like that. He sighed. “Poor kid… You can’t force someone to like you. I heard about your breakup. Xiaxia is a girl younger than you and you have to be more patient with her. Wait for a few days until she cools down, then you can apologize to her. Be nice.”

Sheng Yize said in a sulky voice, “It won’t work.”

“Who told you that? Don’t be so bashful! That’s how I became your grandma’s husband!” Grandpa Sheng glowered. “Why, do you need me to apologize to An Xiaxia for you?”

Sheng Yize bolted up. “I don’t want to hear that name!”

“Alright, alright. I won’t talk about her,” Grandpa Sheng said in resignation.

There was a knock at the door and Sheng Qingyi walked in, looking all dapper.

Instead of worrying about his son, he actually looked delighted. Rubbing his hands together, he asked, “I heard you broke up with that girlfriend?”

Grandpa Sheng glared at him. “You brat! What are you thinking? Is that what you’re supposed to say to him now?”

Sheng Qingyi didn’t even flinch. “Dad, that’s a good thing! You’re already retired and living a happy life with mum. You have no idea how exhausting it is to run our business! A daughter-in-law from a similar background can at least share some of my burdens… He’s only fulfilling his filial duty!”

Grandpa Sheng was so angry that he began to hit him with his stick. Sheng Qingyi took the beating, but still wouldn’t stop talking. “The girls of the Li, Song, Yin… and Mu families are all of the right age and each one is prettier than the next! We’re working closely with all of them. Yize, how about I introduce some of them to you?”

“Yize, ignore him!” Grandpa Sheng was furious. “You brat… What have I done to have you as a son?!”

Sheng Yize’s deep and pleasant voice rang out at that moment. “Alright.”

Grandpa Sheng stopped suddenly and almost sprained his back.

Sheng Qingyi was exhilarated. “Is… an engagement on the menu?”


“How about the Li family? I like their older daughter! She’s so smart!” Sheng Qingyi gloated.

Sheng Yize showed no objection. “So be it.”

Since An Xiaxia had wished a happy life for him, that was what he was going to show her!

All people lived, died, got married, and divorced. Did she think she was irreplaceable?