Chapter 641: Do I Know You? (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


Seven years later.

Ye City, Morning Post news agency.

A girl wearing black-rimmed glasses and with her hair in a top bun had dark circles as big as saucers under her eyes. She struggled to stay awake as she sent her manuscript to her editor before dropping her head on the desk.

“Tsk, tsk. Nero Zhou has been bossing you around, hasn’t he? Talk about exploitation… Bleeding an intern dry…” A sleek-haired and creamy-faced guy wearing a flashy shirt, white trousers, and pointy shoes made a dramatic hand gesture, then put down a cup of coffee in front of her. “Anan, here, a coffee from Brother Dong.”

“Thank you…” The woman with the top bun shifted slightly, found the straw with her eyes closed, finished the coffee, then dropped back down.

She was shaken awake minutes later. “Wake up! Anan, it’s big!”

“What? Is there an earthquake? A hurricane?” The top bun was flustered.

The other person rolled his eyes. “Nero Zhou just got a tip for some big news and he’s following up on it himself… He’s just personally requested your service! Anan, you’ll be in my prayers!”


Seeing the look of despair on her face, the other person grinned mischievously. “Make good use of this opportunity. Work hard and try to nick yourself or something on the job. Tsk, tsk, you’ll get a bonus in no time.”

“You have a point…”

“That’s enough. Stop trying to trick her!” A tall and vigorous man came toward them. He wore a casual outfit and had a clean and mild air about him. “An Xiaxia, you don’t have to go. I’ll talk to Editor Zhou about it…”

“Wow, Brother Dong, you’re covering for her again!”

“Exactly. Do you have a thing for Anan?”

“You people know nothing. That’s how you court a girl…”

Since the others in the office had nothing better to do, they began to gossip.

An Xiaxia was embarrassed. Realizing that she couldn’t let the rumor spread, she glanced at He Dongyang and said, “That’s ok… I can do it.”

He Dongyang pursed his lips and didn’t say anything else.

Hence, the newbie intern reporter An Xiaxia followed her editor out and headed for… a high-end club.

Nero Zhou snuck her in through the staff entrance, then handed her a uniform and gestured for her to change into it.

“Hurry up!”

An Xiaxia took one look at the black dress in the bag and was dumbfounded. “Why am I wearing this?”

Nero Zhou rolled his eyes. “It’s your disguise! With your T-shirt, shorts and sneakers, everyone will see that you don’t belong here!”

An Xiaxia thought what he said made sense…

When she got changed and walked out, Nero Zhou was surprised for a second by how stunning she looked. He then held An Xiaxia’s hands enthusiastically. “Xiaxia, you’re a reporter and reporters are willing to do anything to get their news, right?”

An Xiaxia nodded reluctantly. “So?”

“You’ll pretend to be a waitress and sneak in later. After you confirm the situation inside, I’ll kick the door open and snap a few shots! After that, you’ll get to be the hero of the day!”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia pointed at herself. “What else do I have to do?”

“What do you think?! Run for your life with the camera! I’m too old for that! But our newspaper sales and website traffic will increase if we can return with the photos! Do you want your bonus or not?!” Nero Zhou spluttered all over her face.

So, that was the real reason for asking her to come along…

Mr. Associate Editor, I couldn’t even pass my test for the 800-meter run!

An Xiaxia took a deep breath and entered the room as if she was some warrior walking to her death. In her hands was a fruit platter she had grabbed from somewhere, which she put down on the table.

A person that had been resting on the sofa with his eyes closed suddenly opened them. His black eyes were then fixed on her.

He wasn’t imagining it. It was really her!