Chapter 644: Do I Know You? (4)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

An Xiaxia forced a smile. “What are you talking about? How can I possibly know you… right? Hohoho…”

Her chuckle was the only sound in the room and it felt so awkward.

Sheng Yize released her and smiled coldly. “That’s right. We can’t possibly have known each other.”

Somehow, An Xiaxia still felt her heart lurch at his words.

She patted her warm cheeks and straightened her dress. However, she couldn’t cover up that tear no matter what she did, and Sheng Yize kept his intense gaze on her the whole time…

Thud —

He threw her a jacket. An Xiaxia was surprised and it took her a moment to cover her legs with it.

“Which newspaper are you from?” Sheng Yize asked with his arms crossed.

An Xiaxia gave him a suspicious look. “How do you know I work for a newspaper?”

She could be working for anything from a magazine or a TV channel to a website. Why did he assume that it was a newspaper right away?

Sheng Yize was caught off-guard, but he still replied calmly, “You said so yourself.”

An Xiaxia was baffled. “Did I?”

How come she didn’t remember that? Was she getting old or had Sheng Yize run an investigation on her already…

Bah! He said he doesn’t recognize me, so why would he investigate me? Stop flattering yourself already!

“Oh… I’m from Morning Post.” An Xiaxia wrung her hands together and gave him a pleading look. “Are you going to… get back at us?”

Sheng Yize laughed inwardly. This dummy… The only thing she had gained over the years was age. Her brain hadn’t seemed to increase in capacity the way her breasts had!

Sheng Yize quickly looked away after a swift glance at her chest. “Taking unauthorized photos — are you people paparazzi? Do you have any sense of morality at all?”

An Xiaxia buried her face in her chest. After hearing his harsh words, she suddenly felt so evil…

But she was a mere intern for the community page, and all she ever wrote were news about supermarket or department store promotions, which then went into some corner of the page where no one would notice.

“I’m sorry.”

Sheng Yize went on with a stern face, “Given what you’ve done, I can let the police take you. But… forget about it. You can go.”

An Xiaxia looked up, pleasantly surprised. “Really? I can go?”


He was an expert in the “carrot and stick” technique.

If he frightened her now, she would probably run away again.

He didn’t have the patience to wait another seven years.

“Thank you. You’re such a kind person.” An Xiaxia was greatly touched. She rose to her feet and didn’t know what to do with the jacket. “What about this…?”

“It’s yours.”

These rich people… It was a customized handmade suit, which was worth two years of her salary.

“I still have a favor to ask.” An Xiaxia raised a finger. “Could you keep this meeting between us a secret from everyone else?”

She hadn’t received that mysterious phone call even once in these seven years, but it continued to haunt her like a curse.

Sheng Yize’s face turned grim. After quite a while, he gave an impatient “hm” and An Xiaxia was greatly relieved.

That was it. He shouldn’t remember her. They should just go their separate ways like perfect strangers, she thought sadly. However, Sheng Yize asked in an innocent and mild tone, “Will we meet again?”

“I don’t think so…” she replied.

“Oh.” Sheng Yize shrugged. “Bye.”

“Bye bye…”

Watching her walk away, Sheng Yize smiled.

She thought they would never meet again, but little did she know, she was never out of his reach.

Compared to giving up, being temporarily dormant suited him more.