Chapter 647: She’s Mine (3)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Various colors seemed to flash across Wen Qing’s face so rapidly that it reminded one of a kaleidoscope. It was so entertaining to watch.

An Yibei rubbed her head and looked less like the ruthless lawyer he was. He smiled a little and said, “Aren’t you too old to act like a spoiled kid? You should be ashamed of yourself.”

An Xiaxia giggled.

After that performance of loving siblings, An Yibei politely glanced around the room. “Thank you all for taking good care of my sister. I’m An Yibei of Times Law Firm. Feel free to come to us if you ever have the need.”

He then left unhurriedly. The office erupted as everyone spoke at the same time.

“Times Law Firm? As in that really awesome lawyer? The one that can defeat a panel of lawyers singlehandedly?”

“He’s so handsome… That restrained look of his only makes me want to rip his suit off!”

“Tch, get out of here! You brute!”

Someone asked An Xiaxia directly, “Xiaxia, why didn’t you tell us you have a brother?”

An Xiaxia smiled and changed the subject. “You know, he’s still single~”

All the single women in the office grew restless at the news. Wen Qing stomped her foot and went back to her seat.

For the next few days, An Xiaxia was treated like a princess by all her female colleagues.

An Xiaxia hadn’t seen that coming. Had she known that introducing her brother would be this effective, she would have made use of him sooner…

She traded her brother’s WeChat ID for two days of leave from the HR manager. She then grabbed her bag and was about to go home.

Wen Qing walked out of the tea room at that moment. Either by design or accident, she walked toward An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia was talking to someone next to her and bumped into Wen Qing as soon as she turned around. The hot coffee splashed all over An Xiaxia’s clothes.

“Gosh, sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen!” Wen Qing cried out in an exaggerated voice.

An Xiaxia smiled. “Don’t worry about it.”

Then… she tripped Wen Qing.

Wen Qing slipped in her high heels and fell down with a thump.

More importantly… she was wearing a skirt.

And the most unfortunate thing was… they could see everything up her skirt.

Several male colleagues darted looks at her and began to snicker.

Wen Qing blushed in embarrassment, shrieked, and looked at An Xiaxia in disbelief.

An Xiaxia looked back at her innocently and even reached out to help her to her feet. “Sister Wen Qing, are you alright?”

Wen Qing knew that she only had herself to blame. Gritting her teeth, she said, “I’m fine!”

An Xiaxia went on smiling.

All those that knew her now still deemed her a good-natured woman. She would repay those who were nice to her tenfold.

However, she wouldn’t hesitate to repay any animosity toward her either!

He Dongyang stopped what he was doing and frowned at An Xiaxia. “You can’t walk around like that. Let me take you to buy some new clothes.”

At the thought of what that man had told him, he turned around and said to Wen Qing, “Xiao Qing, are your shoes hard to walk in? Come, I’ll buy you a more comfortable pair.”

Wen Qing was over the moon. Fearing that An Xiaxia might refuse, she held An Xiaxia by her arm and dragged her along to the mall.

An Xiaxia sighed inwardly. He Dongyang was such a kind guy…

Unfortunately, he was equally kind to every woman and in her dictionary, that was called a “central heating system.”

He Dongyang was very generous. He bought An Xiaxia a tracksuit and a pair of track shoes for Wen Qing.

The new clothes suited An Xiaxia just fine. As for Wen Qing… with her long chiffon skirt and those track shoes, she looked ridiculous. However, the grin on her face was so broad that An Xiaxia found it too cruel to point it out.

He Dongyang tried to make his tone as casual as possible as he asked, “Xiaxia, I heard you’re married?”

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. “Huh? Me? Married?”