Chapter 652: She’s Mine (8)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Almost instantly, everyone ran out of the restaurant like a swarm of bees. An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize were surrounded right in the middle.

An Xiaxia was shocked. Were they circus monkeys now?

“Wow… He looks even better up close!”

“An Xiaxia is so lucky! I want to marry an awesome idol like him, too!”

“In your dreams! An idol will never have you!”


An Xiaxia stumbled back uneasily. Next to her, Sheng Yize seemed to sense her anxiety and gently put a hand on her shoulder. He then pulled her into his arms.

That move alone made An Xiaxia feel much safer.

Nero Zhou greeted them obsequiously. “Mr. Sheng, are you here for Anan? Here, do come in!”

Sheng Yize smiled. With his good looks, he was even more attractive when he played nice.

He nodded. “Sure.”

An Xiaxia tugged at his clothes. “There’s been a misunderstanding… They think we’re married.”

Looking at her panic-stricken little face, Sheng Yize felt wickedly… satisfied.

He liked it when she was at a loss and needed him.

“I think you need my help,” he bent down and whispered in her ear. “Instead of refusing my kindness, I think it’ll do you good to think of a way to thank me.”

His hot breath brushed against the skin behind her ear and An Xiaxia cringed shyly.

Sheng Yize was… better at flirting now.

She wasn’t his match at all.

Without any other options, she had to walk in with him. After the dishes and wine were served, no one cared about their images anymore.

Sheng Yize played along. He even went so far as to propose a toast on behalf of An Xiaxia. Smiling carelessly, he said, “I’m afraid Xiaxia will need much of your help in the future.”

“That’s the least we can do!” The others nodded in a hurry. WIthout knowing it, they had capitulated to Sheng Yize’s demeanor and begun to follow his orders.

Halfway through the party, Sheng Yize darted a look at An Xiaxia, who was sitting next to him. He then picked up a tissue and dabbed the corner of her mouth.

An Xiaxia was almost petrified. When she realized what had happened, she threw his hand off in a flurry. “I – I can do it myself…”

Intimate little things like this used to happen so naturally between them. However, An Xiaxia found it very weird to get them from Sheng Yize now.

It was as if the seven years had never happened, as if she only had to turn her head to find him from those bright and warm teenage years, reaching out to her…

“You have nice colleagues.” He chuckled.

An Xiaxia wrinkled her nose. “Yup. But I’m still trying to figure out who started this prank.”


“He Dongyang said you were the one who showed him our marriage certificate. I think it must have been an imposter! Shame on him! That was so low!”

Sheng Yize’s face turned a little dark, but he still chimed in, “That really wasn’t… the right thing to do.”

“It was nuts! Could he be a pervert? Or is he plotting something?” An Xiaxia looked worried.

“Ahem.” Sheng Yize sipped his water and said, “By the by, I had a car accident seven years ago and the only thing I forgot after it was my ex-girlfriend. Everyone told me that I used to love her very much, but she left me for a gigolo, sigh…”

An Xiaxia fought hard to control her facial expression. “Why, how could she do that?”

“Right? Don’t you think she was a heartless and cruel woman? She played me!”

Looking at Sheng Yize’s innocent and mild face, An Xiaxia didn’t suspect him of fake amnesia at all. She could only cry inwardly and reply with an aggrieved “hm.”