Chapter 653: She’s Mine (9)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Seeing her red nose and red eyes, Sheng Yize couldn’t bring himself to tease her again. The little woman, on the other hand, couldn’t help but make her own argument. “Maybe she had her own difficulties!”

“Did she?” Sheng Yize’s eyes turned darker.

Of course he knew that, or he wouldn’t have shown up here.

“What difficulties?” Sheng Yize pressed on with an impassive face.

Before An Xiaxia could say anything, Nero Zhou cut her off. “Here, let’s have a toast for He Dongyang! He got us the news of the charity program in Zhu County!”

It was a big deal, which required connections as well as talent.

He Dongyang smiled humbly and drank with the rest of them. Nero Zhou then gave An Xiaxia an ingratiating look. “Anan, He Dongyang is going on a business trip. How about you go with him?”

An Xiaxia was chewing on a beef meatball and was baffled by the news. She pointed at herself and asked, “Me?”

Jobs like these were generally quite lucrative… Since when did it go to newbies like her?

She quickly saw why: probably because she was “Sheng Yize’s wife” now…

This was so awkward…

She was going to turn it down when Sheng Yize cut her off and said with a smile, “Thank you, Editor Zhou.”

Nero Zhou was delighted. He went back to his seat, face glowing.

An Xiaxia’s phone rang. She took a look at it, excused herself, and calmly went to the bathroom.

The voice on the other end sounded ferocious. “I knew it… You’re getting involved with him again!”

It had been seven years! Why weren’t these two over each other?

An Xiaxia didn’t explain, but her palms had gone all sweaty.

She couldn’t admit defeat now. Back then, this person had forced her to leave Sheng Yize and she had to find out who it was at any cost!

“I’m not. He came for me first. I have a new life now. If you’re really with him now, can you ask him to leave?” An Xiaxia made herself sound troubled. That person hesitated a little, still taking An Xiaxia for that ignorant girl from seven years ago. The voice then said coldly, “You better be telling the truth, or there will be consequences.”

As soon as the call ended, An Xiaxia called Papa An and An Yibei right away.

As expected, there had been an incident on An Yibei’s end. He cursed under his breath, “The brake of my car was tampered with!”

“Did you catch the person who did it?”

“Do you even have to ask?” An Yibei was as sharp-tongued as ever. “How many bodyguards have you hired for me and dad over the years? An Xiaxia, when can you stop being so paranoid?”

An Xiaxia smiled awkwardly. “It was just precautions against Mr. Song…”

“Has he tried to talk to you?” An Yibei raised his voice. An Xiaxia then said something evasive and changed the subject.

She had never told them explicitly about the blackmail, but had been using Mr. Song as an excuse. With the money Mr. Song gave her, she had hired a lot of bodyguards for Papa An and An Yibei.

It would be very difficult for that mysterious person to harm them now.

She washed her face and went back to the table. Under the bright light, that man that had once lit up her teenage years was even more charming than before.

But what were they to each other now?

She was the passive type in a relationship, and at 17, she had unwisely let that blackmailer have his or her way without putting up a fight.

Even now, An Xiaxia had to admit that she still had a cowardly side.

Since Sheng Yize had never come to look for her, she had never been brave enough to reach out to him either.

But now, he had shown up again, turning her world upside down once more.

As if he could sense her gaze, Sheng Yize lifted his eyelids, and across the room, his sparkling eyes looked right into An Xiaxia’s.