Chapter 656: What If I Love You? (2)

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She was still hesitating over whether to show up or not, but her phone kept buzzing, reminding her of all the messages in her Wechat group.

Tapping it open, An Xiaxia thought she was going to become an enemy of the state.

“Oh god! How bad is Young Master Ze’s injury? Anan, why aren’t you with your husband?!”

“Exactly! I’m like, condemning you here! Anan, that ain’t right! I would be more than happy to take your place, just say the word!”

“Stop trying to be cute, that woman up there! I was in the hospital on a job with Editor Zhou and we found Young Master Ze alone in bed in a ward… Anan, have a heart!”

An Xiaxia: … He’s not even my husband!

However, she had dug her grave, and she could only lie in it…

Picking up her bag, she hailed a taxi and hurried to the hospital.

An Xiaxia found it all a scam the moment she got there. What happened to “all alone by himself”? The ward was practically under siege by all the people outside!

She fought her way in and saw Sheng Yize sitting there with gauze wrapped around his head. He was talking to Nero Zhou.

“I’ll keep an eye on Anan for you! Young Master Ze, you have my word on it… Consider it done!” Nero Zhou swore a solemn oath.

” Ahem .” She cleared her throat and put the fruit she had bought on the bedside table. “How are you doing?”

Sheng Yize smiled weakly. “I’m ok.”

“I see… Get some rest, then. I’m off!” An Xiaxia considered her job here done.

Smack —

Nero Zhou smacked her mercilessly on the back of her head. “What sort of wife are you? Your husband is badly injured and you’re leaving?!” With that, he stuffed a pot of chicken broth some girl had made into An Xiaxia’s arms and ordered, “Take good care of him! Nothing can’t be solved by a good talk between husband and wife. We’ll leave you two to sort out your problem.”

With a wave of his hand, the roomful of people left with him.

An Xiaxia couldn’t decide whether to stay or to leave and felt very awkward.

Sheng Yize came to her rescue. “Have a seat. Editor Zhou spotted me and asked about you. I had to make up a story about us having a fight, which was why you weren’t here.”

“I see.” An Xiaxia nodded. After some thought, she asked, “Do you want some broth?”

Sheng Yize nodded, sparkling dots of light dancing in his black eyes, which made An Xiaxia’s heart skip a beat.

She looked down and poured him a bowl of broth, but she then heard Sheng Yize’s innocent voice. “I injured my hands.”

An Xiaxia darted him a look. There wasn’t even a mosquito bite on his big hands, let alone any wound.

That was some remarkable injury…

“Weren’t you injured in the head?” She gingerly pointed at the gauze wrapped around his head.

Sheng Yize didn’t even blink. “Both my head and hands were injured.”


So… did she have to feed him now?

It only dawned on An Xiaxia just then. She then picked up some soup with a spoon, blew on it until it was cool enough, then raised it to Sheng Yize’s lips.

Sheng Yize sat there, keeping his back ramrod straight. An Xiaxia’s face was within reach, which made him fluster like an inexperienced boy.

Damn it! This woman could still break down his defenses so effortlessly!

Fighting back the urge rising inside, Sheng Yize sipped on the broth as told.

After feeding him, An Xiaxia rubbed her hands. “Get some rest, then… I’m leaving…” Before she could finish, Sheng Yize gave her a look and motioned for her to take a look outside.

Thump —

An Xiaxia fell off her chair.

Could someone please tell her, why were Nero Zhou and the others still waiting outside?!

And the fervent look in their eyes… were they taking the two of them as sources for some breaking news?

“Move!” someone shouted outside, which scattered the crowd. A woman then pushed the door open and rushed into the room, looking very unhappy.