Chapter 660: What If I Love You? (6)

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An Xiaxia checked the time involuntarily. It was just past midnight.

His call had come through two minutes after the reception came back on…

Had he been calling her this whole time?

“Speak! Are you her… ” Sheng Yize’s pitch dropped. “Are you paramedics? Rescue team? Or did you pick up her phone somewhere…”

He was coming up with every possibility there was. An Xiaxia replied in a hurry, “It’s me.”

She could hear Sheng Yize let out a breath of relief, then he asked in a harsh tone, “Where exactly are you in Zhu County?”

Why was he asking that? It wasn’t as if he could get there now… Despite her unspoken sarcasm, An Xiaxia still told him her whereabouts.

She then heard Sheng Yize say calmly, “I see.”

“Wait, wasn’t it an earthquake?” An Xiaxia asked anxiously.

Sheng Yize cleared his throat and explained. “It was a landslide. Zhu County used to be a dilapidated place. A developer had a joint investment with quite a few business groups in the name of charitable projects to develop the entire county… But it was just a cover for its money laundering and shoddy construction job. The earthquake was less than 5 in magnitude, but it created a chain reaction. The roads have been destroyed and the entire county has collapsed.”

An Xiaxia felt like chopping that developer into pieces.

So many people were killed because of one person’s greed. That was an unforgivable crime!

After hanging up, An Xiaxia called her family and friends to tell them she was alright. She then fell asleep next to Zhou Shiqiao.

Early the next morning, An Xiaxia was shaken awake by Zhou Shiqiao.

“Reception is back! Zhu County sits in the mountains and it’ll take reporters from outside forever to get here. All the big news is ours! Let’s go!” Zhou Shiqiao ranted and dragged An Xiaxia out.

Seeing him busy himself with interviews and looking at his scratch-covered hands, An Xiaxia thought that he was probably trying to numb himself with all the work.

She followed Zhou Shiqiao around as a helper. The only equipment left were their phones and a recorder and they struggled to get the news out.

When they reached an orphanage, they found that the road ahead had collapsed. They had no choice but to turn back.

Bang, bang —

Gunshots were fired in the orphanage. An Xiaxia and Zhou Shiqiao exchanged looks, both seeing fear in each other’s eyes.

Zhou Shiqiao was quick to react and pulled her into a hiding place. Two minutes later, a few men clad in black and with black masks on walked out holding guns.

Real guns!

Zhou Shiqiao’s face turned pale. “Shit… Isn’t that the uniform of that famous international terrorist group… this is like the worst day of our lives…”

An Xiaxia’s teeth were chattering as she whispered, “What should we do now?”

“Be quiet… Maybe they won’t see us…” Zhou Shiqiao had never regretted a decision so much. He should have fled instead of stopping here!

Two men in black walked toward their hiding place. An Xiaxia was so nervous that her palms were sweating. Zhou Shiqiao’s face was drained of all color and he had a despairing look on his face.

At that critical moment, gunshots were fired from a distance away, taking down the two men in black!

An Xiaxia looked up and saw a group of men in camouflage uniforms…

Mm… An Xiaxia almost burst into tears. She had never thought soldiers as handsome as they were now!

The two sides then opened fire on each other, and it looked like one of those hollywood films. Zhou Shiqiao whispered, “Now… record it now! It’s breaking news! A real big one!”

The gunfire only lasted a little over two minutes and the men in black were annihilated. The two of them had also finished recording the fight and felt greatly relieved.

“Someone’s over there…!”