Chapter 663: What If I Love You? (9)

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An Xiaxia froze on the spot. Had it not been for Sheng Yize beside her, she would have collapsed.

She called Zhou Shiqiao right away, who told her in a sorry tone, “The last terrorist had bombs on him… Kang Jian sacrificed himself to save the others and died together with that man… The explosion practically razed the whole area… They couldn’t even retrieve his body…”

An Xiaxia bit down hard on her hand, forcing back her tears.

“What’s wrong?” Sheng Yize asked with a frown.

An Xiaxia’s eyes were bloodshot red as she murmured, “Kang Jian is dead…”

Sheng Yize hadn’t seen that coming.

He could still recall how sadly An Xiaxia had cried when Kang Jian left to join the army.

It had just been another departure back then, but that person was gone forever now.

There was nothing Sheng Yize could do about it. He was just another human being with no power over life or death.

He could only pat her on her back and tell her repeatedly, “Don’t cry, Xiaxia… There, there.”

An Xiaxia leaned on his shoulder and sobbed fitfully, which made Sheng Yize’s chest throb with it.

An Xiaxia’s tears were the last thing he wanted to see in this world.

An idea then came to him. He quickly raised a hand and hit An Xiaxia on the back of her neck with the side of his palm. An Xiaxia passed out right away.

He then carried her in both arms and took her to the hospital.

The best doctors at the Sheng family’s hospital had been waiting for a long time. However, the muscles on their faces twitched when they saw An Xiaxia.

They had been given the impression that the patient was gravely injured… as it turned out, it was no more than a few scratches…

“Why are you still standing around? Treat her wounds!” Sheng Yize said coldly. The doctors immediately surrounded An Xiaxia and busied themselves with the wounds on her hands.

The group of overqualified doctors bandaged An Xiaxia’s hands… then tied the gauze in a bow.

Sheng Yize sat by her bed for a moment and pondered, then instructed, “Get a psychiatrist in here.”

Major natural disasters like this were usually a severe blow to those that had survived it.

He didn’t want An Xiaxia to suffer.

An Xiaxia tossed a lot in her sleep, and her pretty eyebrows knitted tightly together. Sheng Yize reached out and gave her cheek a tentative pinch.

He should hate her, but all he had for her now was pity.

Sheng Yize was a busy man. After the first night, he went back to the local firm to handle some affairs, but the ward only grew more crowded. More and more visitors began to arrive for An Xiaxia.

Family, friends, colleagues… they just kept coming.

On hearing what had happened to Wen Qing and He Dongyang, the employees of Morning Post all sighed with emotion.

“Such a pity… I think they’re both the only children in their families.”

“That’s right. No compensation will make their parents feel any better…”

“What can you do about natural disasters? Just call it fate…”

An unseemly voice rang out at that moment. “So? Why are you even here for her? Why is she the only one alive when everyone else is dead?”

The crowd turned in unison and looked at the newcomer, utterly speechless.

She wore a pretty dress and perfect makeup, looking impeccable from head to toe.

Li Fanxing smiled as she strutted in haughtily in her high heels. “It must be so nice to save your own skin and live in disgrace. Honestly, why don’t you kill yourself? I wouldn’t be able to stop blaming myself if I were you.”

Someone said discontentedly, “Miss, that’s such a vicious thing to say! The dead are gone and we should feel lucky she survived. Why do you keep saying such hurtful things?”

“You call her a person?” Li Fanxing’s tongue dripped with venom. “I thought it was a dog lying there.”