Chapter 664: What If I Love You? (10)

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“I see dogs talk these days as well.” An Xiaxia smiled a little. “Everyone, be careful. We have a rabid dog here. Don’t let it bite you.”

Li Fanxing reacted right away. “Did you just call me a dog?”

An Xiaxia replied, “Do you think I’m a piece of wood? Why shouldn’t I talk back?”

“You bitch!” Li Fanxing roared, swinging her hand at An Xiaxia.

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There came the sound of a gun being cocked and Li Fanxing froze, her pretty face looking frightened.

An Xiaxia was calmly holding a gun, which was aimed at Li Fanxing.

Li Fanxing trembled. Her legs then gave out and she collapsed to the ground.

She was all about saving her own skin. Abandoning her arrogance immediately, she said in a tremulous voice, “I’m the dog. I am.”

“Shit, that was quick!”

“Hoho… You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Damn, I’ve watched Li Fanxing’s shows before. I never thought she would be such a shitty person in real life…”

As the employees of Morning Post murmured among themselves, Li Fanxing stole a glance at An Xiaxia. She looked perfectly calm, as if the thing in her hand was just a toy.

She had found the gun as soon as she woke up. Sheng Yize had probably left it with her to keep her safe, but never did he expect her to really put it to use!

Most regular people had never seen a real gun before and everyone in the room thought that the one in An Xiaxia’s hand was a replica. But Li Fanxing knew better. She knew it was real as soon as An Xiaxia took it out!

One squeeze of the trigger and she would be finished!

Li Fanxing was inwardly petrified. Could it be that An Xiaxia had found something out…

“What do you want from me?” Li Fanxing asked, her mouth very dry.

An Xiaxia smiled. “Were you trying to slap me just then?”

She was no longer that weak girl seven years ago!

Despite her deceptive appearance, she had in fact… grown up.

Having realized that, Li Fanxing glared at her resentfully. An Xiaxia aimed the gun at her head right away.

Li Fanxing was so nervous that she could barely breathe. She then gritted her teeth, summoned up her courage, raised a hand, and slapped herself hard in the face!

The crisp sound baffled the roomful of people, who had all been chattering happily a moment ago.

Damn… An Xiaxia was unbelievable. Had she just frightened Li Fanxing so much into slapping herself?

“Satisfied?” Li Fanxing asked, sobbing.

She had enjoyed slapping other people so much and never thought that one day, karma would pay her back for it.

“Nope.” An Xiaxia shook her head honestly. Li Fanxing had no choice but to keep slapping herself.

An Xiaxia only put the gun away unhurriedly after she had slapped herself dozens of times.

Li Fanxing scrambled to her feet, her cheeks swollen and her eyes teary. “Vicious women like you doesn’t deserve Sheng Yize! Leave him alone! He’s meant to be mine!”

An Xiaxia darted her a look and pretended to reach for the gun under her pillow again, which made Li Fanxing scream with fear. She pushed her way through the crowd and rushed toward the door.

A domineering voice rang out at the doorway. “Who says she doesn’t deserve Sheng Yize?!”

Li Fanxing shivered like a frightened chicken as she stared blankly at the middle-aged man who had just arrived.

He wore a customized suit and held a mahogany walking stick in one hand. With his bright piercing eyes, despite his gentlemanly appearance, he gave off the air of an unchallenged ruler!

It was Mr. Song!

One of the onlookers, who couldn’t resist stirring things up further, interjected, “Anan is pretty enough alright, but her family isn’t like Li Fanxing’s!”

“Family?” The man smiled grimly. “You think my own daughter’s family background can’t compare?”