Chapter 665: What If I Love You? (11)

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Li Fanxing’s face was ghastly pale as she forced a smile. “Not at all, Mr. Song… The Li family is nothing compared with yours. Although, what do you mean by… your daughter?”

Mr. Song stood ramrod straight and said in a resolute voice, “An Xiaxia is the daughter I lost many years ago. I’m here to take her back home.”

The room was filled with reporters and someone with sharp eyes recognized him. “Oh god, he’s the president of Diguang Bank, Song Huan! He goes by the title Mr. Song in the business circle!”

Everyone was dumbfounded. They then turned their fervid gazes on An Xiaxia!

Gosh, if what Mr. Song said was true and An Xiaxia was indeed his daughter, wouldn’t that make her a real princess?

An Xiaxia didn’t look as happy as they expected. Her face was morbidly pale and she asked in a disgruntled tone, “What are you doing here?”

Mr. Song had left her with no good impression at all!

Ever since he had defended Song Qingwan unconditionally and slapped An Xiaxia for it, she had deemed him the most unworthy person in the world!

Mr. Song looked at her awkwardly with an indecipherable expression. In the end, he sighed heavily.

He wanted to tell his Xiaxia that her dad was here to defend her.

However… those words just felt so ridiculous.

He couldn’t say it.

He owed An Xiaxia so much.

Li Fanxing covered her face, which was a mess of emotions. “Congratulations, Mr. Song… I – I’ll leave you in peace.”

“Stop right there!” Mr. Song might seem defeated in front of An Xiaxia, but he was still as imposing as ever when dealing with everyone else. “Apologize to my daughter!”

Li Fanxing opened her mouth in disbelief.

An Xiaxia had threatened her into slapping herself and she had to apologize to An Xiaxia now?

What sort of logic was that?!

Back then, she had pushed An Xiaxia around because she knew the girl had no connections. Now that Mr. Song had said so himself, however reluctant she was, she had to do it for the sake of the entire Li family. She bowed at An Xiaxia and said humbly, “I’m sorry.”

Mr. Song grumbled and let her off the hook.

Li Fanxing couldn’t stay for another second after the humiliation she had gone through. She left the ward in a hurry.

The rest of the audience had had enough gossip for one day and followed Li Fanxing out, leaving An Xiaxia and Mr. Song alone in the ward.

“Xiaxia… are you alright… Dad saw the video you posted on the news. Poor kid… You shouldn’t have put yourself in such danger!” Tears flowed from Mr. Song’s aged eyes and he tried to hold An Xiaxia’s hand.

An Xiaxia took out that gun again and said harshly, “Shut up! You’re insulting the word ‘father’! I only have one dad in this world and he’s called An Liguo, not you!”

Mr. Song was no longer that intimidating man from seven years ago. He had gotten old and his hair was streaked with white. He could no longer play the tough guy in front of An Xiaxia.

“I know all that… I don’t deserve to be your father, but I want to make it up to you… Come back with me and be part of the Song family again…” Mr. Song pleaded.

An Xiaxia laughed sarcastically. “Where were you when I was abandoned when I was little? Where were you when I got bullied at the orphanage? Where were you when that animal abused me? Where were you when I was set up and framed? I’m not going to go back with you gratefully just because you say you want to ‘make it up to me.’ I’m sorry, but some things can never be fixed!”

Sheng Yize finally arrived at that moment. Kicking the door open, he narrowed his eyes like a wild beast as soon as he took in what was happening inside.

He snatched the gun out of An Xiaxia’s hand, checked it, and said through gritted teeth, “It’s loaded? Are you out of your mind? It could have gone off accidentally!”